Card of the Day – Monday – Feb 13, 2012

Perthro/Dice Cup/Fate

Today‘s card is The Wheel and the Rune of the Day is Perthro (Dice Cup/Fate/The Well of Wyrd).

This is a very interesting combination because both the Card and the Rune are pretty much EXACTLY the same energy with slightly different flavors as they come from different divinatory traditions.  In the case of the Psy Card, the Wheel is based on the Wheel of Fortune/Fate/Changes typically seen in the tarot deck.  In the case of the older Germanic rune staves; this rune represents the Well of Wyrd/Fate/the Gamble of the Future.

So what we pretty much have is a reading for today (and the coming week) of Changes/Fate with Fate/Changes/Roll of the Dice…

Which tells us pretty much that there is very intense energy out there towards sudden change this week; change that has become “fated” by passed acts of individuals and perhaps the Planet as a whole.  However, the Dice Cup aspect of the Rune Stave suggests that the outcome of this Change is Still Uncertain.

In other words:

Change is in the Air, but exactly what this change is and certainly the ultimate outcome of such Change may still be undecided. 

My sense is that some of this Change is probably in Europe/Greece but I don’t for a moment think this is all of it.  The Weekend cards were simply too strong and with a similar message; and they pointed more towards towers (fortresses) and homes (where people live).  There were also strong hints of water in the weekend‘s cards as well as lunar markers; the Moon suggesting information/secrets/things coming out of the depths, previously hidden but soon revealed.

The Rune Stave has stayed exactly the same as for this weekend, and since there are 24 runes to choose from, this also suggests a very important marker.  In other words, the Changes coming are fated, they can’t be avoided at this point, and they will arrive.  What is unknown is exactly what they are, though there are tugs pulling toward military action, drastic economic surprises and perhaps danger from water tides or earth tides (earthquake/volcanic) action.  Previous readings have also suggested problems coming from the sun itself, though this was not flagged in the past weekend’s cards.

Also a note, the cards and runes have been so strong on their Change warnings the last few days, that it may not simply a simple daily reading; although today the energy is especially strong.

They appear to me to be building energy that may not have  reached its peak, which probably means that some changes are likely right now, but others are a like a boil coming to a head that hasn’t burst yet.

Still, in the meantime for today expect rapid changes and wild energy, a very active energy day with hints of being driven towards an unknown goal.  A great day for individuals starting the week who want to begin new projects or start new cycles.

That’s the other meaning here, that a new cycle is coming both on an international scale and in the personal lives of individuals (that home card on the weekend).

So, try directing energy towards making these changes be good ones for you and your family, look at “active” meditation styles today like jogging, swimming or crafting.  Create what YOU want to see and help the change move in patterns that are favorable to you, as much as you can and stay out-of-the-way when you can’t.

There are times when the energies are so strong that there really is no resisting or stopping them.  That’s the sort of energy that has been on-going since Saturday and looks to continue building for a while yet (even if other energies float up to the surface for a day or two).  So, don’t get caught up trying to contain what can not be contained, instead try to flow with it and be ready to move yourself as needed.

Get ready for a wild and woolly ride this week!

That’s your card (and rune) for the day, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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