Card of the Day – Sat/Sun – Feb 11-12, 2012

This weekend’s cards are: The Moon, The Tower (Castle) and The Home cards and the rune is Pethro (Dice cup or Fate).

This makes for a very interesting situation for not only does the Moon stay in place as the primary energy (see last Thursday’s card, there was no Friday Reading this week) but we now have it affecting both the Castle Tower and The Home as well.  The Pethro (also called Perdo) rune, with its haunting images of Fate, The Norns (who spin, cut and weave the threads of life) and Destiny is also pulling very strongly.  It is often called “The Dice Cup” because of the association with fate when gambling or in this case gambling on what happens next.

So, for a very quick review, we know from past readings that the Moon represents things that are hidden, also the unconscious world/mind, the psychic, the inward journey, meditation etc.  It is an inward directed card, rather than an outward directed one; but is unusual in that it still contains powerful forces that can affect the entire planet, including the Sea and the Tides of the Land (earthquakes).

The Tower card in this deck is the STRONG CASTLE it is NOT the Destruction card, that is a different card in this deck.  Usually it represents military style fortifications, protection and shields/protection.  It can also represent the force and power of the State/Castle/King; though most of the time it is protective card.

The Home card is the mental/spiritual/physical home of the person (or persons/public) being read for.  In a world/western world reading it suggests the actual homes of people or something that hits them at home.

The Perthro/Dice Cup/Fate rune strikes me a warning sign that both these things: The Castle (State or even Home as my Castle) and the actual home are at risk from hidden forces that are slowly coming to Moon light.

Once again, as on Thursday, I’m feeling a very strong pull from the Sea (as well as the State/Government/Economic forces).  I suspect these are two different threads running through the same reading, with fate (or the Norse Wyrd) warning that both are a present danger.

The Moon is also suggesting Earth quakes/Earth Tides (even volcanoes) to me but that is a more distant background note, perhaps a terrestrial melody that is being written but not quite ready to be played.

However, the Pethro rune/Fate/Wyrd/Dice Cup does have a hint of good news in it and that’s because the other association it has is with “Memeer’s Well” a place of Wisdom which contained the head of a very wise entity whom even the God Odin would consult for wisdom when there was something even too hidden or confusing for him to understand.

The Norse concept of the “Well of Wyrd” is captured by this story and comes forth in the most intense way in this rune.

So, Pethro suggests that whatever is hidden (and perhaps even fated) to be coming up out of the depths to threaten both Castles (Nations/States/Fortified Homes/Military) and Homes (Physical/Spiritual/Psychic)  can be met and modified by the use of WISDOM, by those with the sense to ask for guidance and follow advice.

The most urgent advice at this point is probably for everyone to keep their eyes open and not allow themselves to be distracted by what they can obviously see.  That’s because it is the hidden stuff that is just starting to work its way to the surface that is the real threat/concern/possible answer to this current energy situation.

I suspect that the way this plays out, may be somewhat different in various parts of the world (especially the deep undertones of Earth and Sea disasters) but the more direct and urgent things may concern the State/Castle/Secrets.  The cards have hinted at this for months and the Pethro rune suggests that Fate is about to bring out the next turn of the wheel, under the guidance of the Moon and the Wine-Dark Sea….

Wow, that’s your rather heavy card and rune reading for this weekend and going into next week.  As always, these energies can be used by individuals for great (and in this case even powerful) outcomes.  This is a period laden with fate/lunar/unconscious/deep/flowing/strong/fortified/personal/home/hearth/hopeful energies.  Use them for deep meditation, personal choices, personal protection and a search for wisdom/understanding and all those things are likely to be fruitful during this time period.

I’m also sensing that while time slowed a bit towards the end of this week, a new and more rapid phase of change may be just around the corner.  Again these cards are fantastic for getting ready for that, when used as a focus for meditation and as a guide to look to our homes/castles first, in terms of help and preparation.

Remember also, that Old Fashioned Castles were often built large enough to hold the entire village during a time of war or threat.  So don’t discount the role of neighbors and friends as you look towards shoring up your own island/home (physical, mental and psychic).  Communities are important, especially in time of fate/crises/change and good strong walls (the Castle) can work to keep the Community Safe within, as well as keeping the Darkness out.

That’s your cards and rune for today – remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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