Card of the Day – Thursday – Feb 9, 2012

Today‘s card is The Moon and the Rune of the Day is Daguz (Dawn).

First, I should point out that just as there are 40 cards in the Psy Card Deck, there are 24 Runes in the Futhark rune staves that I am using for these readings.  The continued repetition of either runes or cards is not because I am not shuffling or swirling the runes around in a bowl, it is (I believe) because they are accurately reflecting daily energies that sometimes repeat themselves for fairly long periods of time.

In today’s case, we show my predicted energy tug of war between “SunSowilo rune and Liberation Card energy with today’s Moon Card.  The really interesting thing is that yesterday’s Sun Rune is reflected in today’s Daguz rune, only the solar aspect is now one of sunrise or “dawning” awareness, rather than the full blinding light of a Summer’s day.

So, it looks like there is a tension between the energies towards breaking-out with everything out in the open (sun plus liberation) and the More hidden energies of the Moon, that the dawn gradually brings to light as the morning slowly dawns.

My gut feeling is that part of this is a behind the scenes battle between several major politic and economic forces some of which want everything that is going on to be out in the open, to burst out in a “blaze of glory” and accept (or ignore) the consequences.

There’s an equally strong movement/group/forces/energy towards keeping things hidden as long as possible, allowing the facts to rise up slowly from the depths of the sea, only being obvious at the breaking dawn (and even then still somewhat hidden by the rising mists and twilight).

I’m not sure exactly what all these secrets are, but my best guess is a combination of political and economic issues (including war or “diplomacy by other means,” along with the reality of issues concerning the sun (and its grand-child nuclear power or weapons) and possibly other “hidden things” stories that are trying desperately to be told, but are being held back by opposite forces who are determined to keep them “under the sea” for a while yet.

The Sea imagery on the cards keeps coming back to me, even though the major symbol on the card is The Moon itself, so looking for information in the ocean/oceanic currents might be another clue to this puzzle.

Meanwhile, today will be a day dominated by the inner-forces of the mind and psychic awareness.  A good day for meditation and all sorts of psychic and mental work.  A really good day for cross-word puzzles or other confounding “puzzling” projects whose answers may have seemed confused in the past or refused to come out during yesterday’s harsher day light.

Unlike yesterday, this is not a good day for dramatic impacts, sudden bursts of energy or wild excitement; rather it is a day for deep introspection and steady movement forward.  Even if things look dark to start out, just keep moving forward and the dawn will appear, it just may take a few hours to get there.

That’s you card (and rune) for today!

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