Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 8, 2012

Today’s Card is Liberation and the Rune of The Day is Sowilo (Sun).

This suggests that the energy for the next 24 to 48 hours (starting about 7pm GMT on the 8th) is likely to be almost the exact opposite of yesterday’s Body/Isa/Ice/Stuck energy.

The Liberation card symbolizes as sudden break out/escape/release of something/someone “held” or imprisoned (or something held in ice/isa, unable to move).

The Sowilo or Sun rune is the most important factor in the natural melting of ice.  The sun is also fire/warmth/Daylight and those who live in the areas where it snows understand just how quickly a strong spell of warming sunshine can melt an ice-covered landscape even to the point of suddenly flooding if it happens to quickly.

The Sun rune also has some associations with nuclear power (nuclear fission being the ultimate in earthbound sunlight) and I’m feeling echoes of this in the reading as well.

So, over all, except a sudden change in energy starting very soon (over the next few hours) with something that seemed stuck and unmovable suddenly breaking free very quickly.

This could (and probably does) involve the sun at least in some aspects, a time when large solar flares are likely to happen; as it news coming about nuclear issues – with both possible new discoveries and/or accidents/bombs being the focus of media stories.

The Sun can also act as a guide and in the Runic/Germanic Tradition is female, The Goddess Sunna who looks down from the sky to bring warmth to her children.  Like any Mother she can sometimes get cranky or even angry, sometimes from frustration at what the kids are up to and other times just because Mom‘s in a bad mood.  But most of the time she is the nurturing, life-giving, love-warming Astral Being that keeps all live on Earth going.

However the Liberation card does suggest she may be about to “break-out” a bit and as previously mentioned both large sun-sports and flairs are likely.  I would also not be surprised if the next few days mark the real turning point in the sun ramping up towards its late (but still predicted) solar maximum.  This high solar activity had been expected before now, but just because a Lady is a bit late getting up in the morning it doesn’t mean she may not be really active later in the day.

That’s some of what I am picking up here…

But with yesterday’s cards having been so very static, material and iced in; I do have to wonder if there are also hints of both movement on the economic front and a possible shift coming in the Weather in Europe.  I know the situation in Greece is still under review and the current weather prediction is for a continued deep freeze through the weekend; but there could be some surprises on either or both fronts in the next several days.

Even if the Deep Freeze does not actually end in the next 24 to 48 hours, the card/rune combination do hint that perhaps it will be pretty dramatic when it is finally over.

Once again, we just have to wait and see; it will also be interesting to see if tomorrow’s card shows yet another radical energy shift because with energy changes this powerful and sudden, there is often a sea-saw effect going back and forth for a few days before things settle.

But for now, that’s your card and rune for today.

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