Card of the Day – Tuesday – Feb 7, 2012

Today’s card is The Body (aka the human body/physical world) and the rune is Isa (Ice).

In a Western World energy reading, I think both the card and the rune are picking up the energy from so much of Northern Europe, parts of Asia, parts of North American and even bits of North Africa; quite literally being “on ice.”

The “Deep Freeze” or “Big Chill” is such a major story on the European side of the Water that it has even managed to push stories about a possible Greek defaulting from the Euro back from the main news headlines.  I think both the cards and the rune are picking this up but I also think their is a bit more to it than that.

Yesterday’s card’s, included the Peace card which usually symbolizes Peace but can also mean stuck/stasis/nothing happens.  Which is pretty much what an Isa rune also symbolizes when it isn’t taking on the meaning of physical ice.

Think of a world encased in ice or plastic, and you sort of get a real sense of what this rune can mean in terms of movement forward.  For the duration of its influence, there pretty much is NONE, Zip, Nada; instead you get a holding pattern until things either thaw (Sun rune/Dawn Rune etc),  Breaks (Hail rune) or Runs away (Riding/travel rune).

For today, the combination of the Body and this rune suggests to me that people are likely to feel very stuck in their situation.  It may feel as if there is no way out and that nothing is going to change or move forward.  Such situations can be dangerous because people tire very quickly of feeling like this and will accept almost any move, in almost any direction as long as it looks like it is going somewhere.

I think this is the mental situation with vast numbers of people in both Europe and North America right now and it isn’t just because of the ice and snow; though that just makes it seem worse.  Almost as if the situation outside is mirroring the situation inside of people’s hearts, minds and thoughts.

The above is not totally impossible, because collective mind energies do have an influence on outer realities more than most people realize.  This doesn’t mean people “created” the ice/snow storm but it does mean there may be some interaction going on none the less.

So, today I would expect continued stories of snow, cold and ice and how it is affecting everyone it is affecting.  The weather pattern is probably going to be “stuck” for a little while yet as is the general social, political and economic situation in the region.

These runes could also indicate a threat to human health (life?) from ice as well, so their could also be some sort of snow/ice related accident in the offing though I hope not.

The card and rune together also have hints of the Russian expedition to pierce the ice at a lake in Antarctica, there’s a faint hint of “life/body” being found there and/or affected by ice/cold/snow.

So, today is NOT a good day to start new projects or try to make progress on old ones.  Rather, be happy just to keep doing what needs to be done and don’t try to push things further than they wish to go right now.  Also, not a good day for new romance, but a good day to enjoy a romance that is already started; just be aware the issues of boredom and stagnation are temporary.

A good day to look after your own health and light exercise, perhaps walking carefully on frozen foot paths, camera in had to catch the stillness?  Again, just be careful and realize that ice can be either bright and beautiful or black and hidden; celebrate the bright stuff and be wary of the dark.

All in all, a very interesting step onward from the “Peace/Lie” cards of yesterday – suggesting that things will not move forward in any direction for a few days yet.

That’s your card (and rune) for the day

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