Card of the Day – Monday – Feb 6, 2012

Today‘s cards are Peace and the Liar – the rune of the day is Daguz (Dawn).

The first card Peace, would normally be a fantastic card to start out a week with, especially a week that we know from the Weekend’s reading is moving into a new energy cycle (at least in some areas).

However, when paired with the Liar card, things get a bit murkier, and while individuals and even individual nations can choose the energy of the Peace card towards making and ensuring peace for themselves and others; the Liar card indicates that many more are going to be led down the garden path of thinking that Peace is in the offing when really it is war that it in the making.

This fits with hints in previous readings of the past few months that show a “war meme” cropping up every so often, not quite as often as economics being the main energy concern but still there.

Now we have cards suggesting that while Peace may be the “issue,” something is still being hidden (what is behind the curtain the joker is performing in front of?) and deceptive.  The Liar cards suggests that “Peace is a lie” or at least isn’t quite what it appears to be.

The rune Daguz (dawn) also hints that whatever “the Lie” is, it will be coming to light very shortly.  While Dawn can hide things in twilight for a while, the mist does tend to clear eventually and insight is gained.  Right now, the cards suggest we are still in the twilight period where things may appear to be one-way (peaceful) but there’s a Lie (and hidden agendas) behind this that will eventually come to light (Dawn).

As always, individuals can choose to work with the positive energy (peace) and be aware of the negative energy (the Liar) and take steps to mitigate it.  They can be aware (Dawning awareness) of both energies and that this is a time when hidden secrets on all levels can affect peace and happiness.

This is a good day for quiet activities, inner-workings, study and observations; it is not a good day to sign contracts or make snap-decisions based on limited information.  Better to wait, if possible, for more information to “come to light,” and if that isn’t possible be sure to carefully read the fine print on anything serious you have to commit to, today as there is likely to be something hidden in it somewhere.

Over-all a mixed day for individuals but a rather seriously scary one for the world at large.  I don’t sense any thing especially nasty on the military front is likely to happen today directly but some serious seeds are likely to be planted and planned for a bit further down the road.

Also, hints of Greece and the non-solution here – if there is a “solution” found today for the Greek “default” to be “prevented” I think I would take any declared “solution” with a grain of salt (given the Liar card)…

That’s your card and rune for the day – remember you can get your personal cards and runes today or any day by getting a reading.

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