Card of the Day – Weekend Edition-Feb 3-5, 2012

This weekend’s cards are The Stars (making connections) The Home (the physical or spiritual home) and The Stranger (someone/something new).

The rune of the Weekend is Berkano or Birch Tree/New Beginnings and often indicates the start of a new cycle or creation or something.

For a world/western word energy reading, this cards indicate that this weekend things will continue to come together in a way that makes sense, in the same way that stars can look like just points of light until our minds turn them into pictures (constellations).

They also suggest that whatever starts to come together is something that is/will directly affect people in their homes/homeland/countries.  I’m not certain exactly what this new energy/item/cycle is but it is something either unexpected or not recently seen to be coming.

That’s because the first two cards came out of the deck stuck together, so I re-shuffled the cards and ask for a card that would bring some light on the first two cards and asked for a rune stave that would do so as well.

Getting both the Stranger Card (a stranger, a strange situation, something new, something previously hidden, the other-side of the self) together with the Berkano rune (New Starts, New Beginnings, Re-birth) really clarifies this.

However, I am not exactly sure what this new energy is or where it is coming from; other than the Berkano rune can deal with some rather “comic” matters of both life and death.  It also can represent Mother’s (breasts), protection, sexuality (especially for women) and seeing things in a new way or different light.

Seeing things in a different light would certain go along with the Stars card and the making of new connections in the sky.  I’m getting a feeling of realization rather than sudden doom here; an understand that something concerning the home (and likely birthing, sexuality, children, etc) is being affected by some force either previously not recognized or not understood.

There also be lighter echoes of subjects like the home as “homeland” with Nations themselves making connections and facing new situations.  Again, if this is the case, then something/someone new is coming into the picture/on to the world stage and the impact will directly affect those nations that encounter it/them.

It is too early to tell if this “new” situation/person/thing/energy is a man-made or “Nature-based” event, but the Berkano rune (which in associations with Mothers also has connections to the “Mother Earth” symbolism) does suggest some of what is coming into the picture is not from man-made sources or designs.  Which doesn’t mean people won’t affect what ever it is (or have not helped create the conditions that make it possible).  But the Berkano/Mother Earth/Mother Birth/Birch Tree connections really feel like something in the natural/spiritual world rather than the usual economic or political issues that come up so often in the cards.

However, as always, for individuals a good set of cards – a good weekend to stick close to home, enjoy making connections with friends and family; plus be willing to accept new people and ideas into your life.

The energy has moved from the more active energies of the last couple of weeks, back to inward focused energies that give us a chance to explore our inner-world, instead of just madly rushing about the in the mundane one.  Both the private and the public sphere are important and over time the energies tend to balance back and forth.

Enjoy this inward/thinking/feeling/experiencing/dreaming time period; use it to recharge your batteries for the next wave of seriously active energy when the it rebounds back again.

That’s your cards (and rune) for the weekend remember you can get your cards (or runes) today or any day be getting a personal reading.

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