Card of the Day – Wednesday – February 1, 2012

Today’s card is The Voyage and the Rune of the Day is Fehu (Cattle/Wealth).

The Voyage card can be a physical journey but it can also be a symbol for “moving forward” the “journey of life” or even “the Ship of State.” I suspect a bit of all three in this world/western world energy reading.  My sense that things continue to “move forward” in a quickening motion (rather than being “stuck” in place) and that taken with some of the other recent cards, the ship of “State” (aka EU/North America/Counties/Tribes/Peoples) continues to sail forward into its destiny, even if no one is exactly sure what that is yet.

The Fehu rune is very interesting, it’s actual translation is Domestic Cattle which was seen as a form of Wealth in the North-lands.  The Rune also has associations with the Goddess Freya, Gold, Amber, Sexuality and reproduction.  When it is expressed in a positive way, the results can be monetary gain, good fortune, celebrated sexuality and fertility.

The negative aspects however are fights and wars over money/wealth; loss of love, problems with the natural expressions of sexuality and fertility.

Often you get some of both, because often when one person/nation/group gains wealth, someone else loses it in equal measure.  That doesn’t always happen but it can and I’m feeling a tug of both ways on this rune today.

So, I would look for headlines today about money, wealth and power (both good and bad) especially as affecting possible conflicts or issues of sex and fertility. Once again, there are distant hints in Japan on this topic but they are not as strong as the European/North American connections.

The Voyage Card also hints to me of maritime influences on this, perhaps more information on how the shipping trade is being affected by the current down turn, or even the “shipping” of something dangerous or at least very powerful.

I’m feeling a very strong call to the sea with this card, so maritime news (even Islands) may be at play here in the 24 to 48 hours. Hopefully this will simply result in news about the oceans and the maritime world, rather than a marine disaster or situation that comes to light.

This is also a time when Fehu could affect the world markets either with a strong motion in either direction either up (increasing wealth) or sudden drops (loss of wealth) but staying on an even keel would surprise if this energy continues.

Likewise, look for headlines about war and conflict, especially hints of conflicts (and possible wars) over money/wealth/loss/gain/gold.

Meanwhile, for the individual a very good combination of card and rune – just keep in mind that today is a good day to keep you mind on your life’s journey and look carefully for situations that allow for financial, spiritual and romantic advancement.

Fehu is also an excellent rune for Spring, which isn’t quite here yet but the seasons in the North are starting to shift, with the passing away from deepest Winter.

So, enjoy today’s moving energy but beware of conflicts over material things today, as the energy is there to both increase wealth but also to dispute over it.

That’s your card (and rune) of the day – remember you can get your cards (or runes) today or any day by getting a reading.

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