Card of the Day – Tuesday January 31, 2012

Today’s Card is Now and the rune of the day is Manaaz (or Mankind) and once again the card and the rune work together to give us a better picture of today’s energy.

The Now Card shows a farmer harvesting the fruits of his labors, now is the time to reap what has been sewn.  The sunlight shines brightly, warming his back and the sky is decorated with stylized flowers or seeds. This card symbolizes both that something is happening (Now) or very soon and that whatever is going on is the direct result of seeds planted (or deeds performed) in the past that have now grown into the current situation.

Manaaz, or The Man Rune; has a sort of double meaning, on the one hand it is the Runic symbol for man/mankind/people but it is also composed of two Wunjo (Joy) runes put together and facing each other.  This was known even the Viking Age, with poems about “man being the joy of man” referencing this, so it seems that this is no accident.

The rune itself can be positive or negative, in a positive sense it is deep friendship, alliances, tolerance of others and balance (often balance between Peoples).

But in a negative context it can bring in opposing forces such as: enemies, intolerance, confusion, alienation and even a lack of orientation.

My feeling is that this energy reading is on more than one level, especially today.  On the issue that the cards have kept bringing up the last few days, it seems the EU/Euro Financial Area will come to some sort of agreement “now,” but how “friendly” that agreement really is remains to be seen.  My sense is that while playing up the positive sides of Manaaz for the public, behind the scenes a lot of the negative aspects (especially confusion and imbalance) are going on.

On other topics, it has been noted before that a Manaaz rune also looks like two flags coming together (again a card of treaty/alliance) and while again the EU is part of this; my sense is that there is also a lot happening on the war/bloc forming side of things aka “choosing up sides” and deciding who is friends, who is enemies and who can be disregarded in the run up to the Great War that cards have hinted at for months.  While this is ongoing, the NOW card suggests that the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together in a more or less solid form; there may yet be some changes, but NOW is when it all starts to get really serious.

For individuals, this is a great energy as well as for groups willing to work with it. Now, is when a great many things can be accomplished, especially long-running plans and projects that were started earlier.  It is also a good time to plant seeds for the next projects, especially those involved in working with others (Man is the Joy of Man).

A good day over all too, for all sorts of relationships; including romance, family and close friends.

Another active-energy day for doing things rather than contemplation; though of course there is also man’s friendship with the Divine that can be meditated on.

That’s your card (and rune) of the day – remember you can get your cards or runes any day by getting a personal reading.

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