Card of the Day – Monday January 30, 2012

Today’s card is the Body and the rune is Berkano, this is an interesting combination, though once again the cards and runes seem to work together to give us a better picture of today’s main energies.

The Body card, often jokingly called “The Creepy Card” by some of my friends and clients, is a representation of the Human Body as if it were in an old medical test.  Part of the body is shown intact and the rest of it show various internal veins, muscles etc; this symbolizes the physical human being on all levels and can be a card for physical health (or health problems).  It is also a card that signals that a problem or situation is very much in the material world and very likely has a physical cause or element attributed to it.

In a world/western world energy reading, it suggests that the energies are ripe today for things/issues/events that affect the human body/human being directly in a very physical way.  This could be anything from economic news that impacts people’s health/food intake/well-being to natural forces that act on humans directly.  This would also be a day when surprise medical news headlines are very likely both good and bad; again the energies are signaling an impact but not necessarily of what type.

Our rune, Berkano (Birch Tree) suggests that some of the news is likely to be positive because its primary meaning is Birth or New Beginnings.  That suggests a possible new discovery or part of a new cycle that may affect people directly (which could be good or bad depending on what it is).  However, Birch Trees also have strong Death and Re-birth connections and these trees are still often planted in European grave yards.

Thankfully, they are also associated with Spring because in the North lands one of the first signs of warming weather is the budding of the Birch Trees.  They also provide a sap that is used very much like Maple Syrup in North America to sweeten food and help provide life and joy, in an age when honey was pretty much the only other sweetener.

My reading of these energies today is mixed, I do feel that  some very good news may be coming out of the medical world – a new discovery or hints of one and/or something that actually improves agricultural or farming practices in a truly helpful way.

But I’m also getting ties back to our continuing economic/war saga that seems to have strings hanging about everywhere.  In that sense I read this as “bodies” (people) are going to be directly by something new that is being brought into being.  My immediate thoughts go to the “new” EU “agreement” being cooked up an “finalized” this week in Brussels but that could be simply because some of those issues came up so strongly last week.  Especially the idea that Germany was likely to over-step its bounds in a big way, which it did with the official news that they wanted Greece to accept EU (aka German) oversight of their finances, on late Thursday-early Friday.

No matter what is decided it is likely to create a “new” situation in the sense that uncharted waters are now being entered and no one knows exactly how events will move forward.

There are also distant hints about the continuing problems in Japan and perhaps other areas affected by natural and man-made disasters.  This is a fainter tug than the other issues, but it certainly is there.

This card may or may not signal another complete energy cycle change, but it does suggest something with a powerful impact of human life and health is in the offing soon very soon.

For individuals a good day to take care of your health, go to the gym, play active sports and games; start new projects, revere nature and enjoy the coming of Spring if you are fall enough South to do so.

And stay tune for the rest of the week’s cards and runes, I suspect they will be quite interesting…

That’s you card (and rune) of the day, remember you can get your cards or runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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