Card of the Day-Weekend Edition-January 27-29, 2012

Well, this weekend’s card are certainly interesting and show another dramatic shift into a new energy area.  What the cards are not telling us is exactly what area they are shifting too, in fact there are hints that has not be finally decided yet; but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

First the Birth card signals the Birth/Start/New/Coming into Being or Someone/Something/Some Energy while the Fool Card shows a young man of his New Beginning/New Adventure/Unknown Path/Going off a Cliff etc.

So right there we have two cards that can symbolize almost exactly the same thing except that a child does not “choose” to be born, he or she simply arrives when the time is right to be expelled from the quiet darkness of the Mother womb into that bright, harsh light, we call life.

Whereas the “Young Fool” is older and takes news steps forward on his own two feet; his hair may be in his eyes and he may be too distracted by his own music to sense danger or keep from walking directly into a tree; but it is his own steps that carry him there.

The Scales, on the other hand, represent the Scales of Judgment/Weighed in the Balance/A Decision made from Above/Karmic Justice.  No matter how the person/situation came to be born, by choosing to go forward they are going to run smack dab into whatever Fate/Justice/Karma have in store for them.

The scales card often also signifies a Major Decision that hasn’t been finalized yet, a decision not made by the Client (in a person a reading) but is made by others, yet affects them directly.

In this case it feels to me that a situation(s) that were born out of earlier choices and motives; is now determined to go forward into the unknown but in a blinded or at least care-free way.  It is so intent on hearing only its own songs, that it simply isn’t paying any attention to real dangers or blockages in its path.

Sometimes, such bold moves by “The Wise Fool” do have happy endings, in those rare situations where blindly moving forward no matter what the cost, really does turn out to have been the right course of action.

Most often though, this sort of striking out without reflection leads right into a tree or worse right off the cliff (in some decks, in this case the house is near the cliff but has been left behind).

My gut is telling me that whatever The Fool thinks is happening is about to run smack dab into a wall of what is actually going to happen. 

The Scales haven’t moved yet, there may be an apple or too left to fall from the tree, but move they will and they are going to yank our fool in unexpected ways, if they don’t bob him right down on the head with a grand “thump.”

Once again my sense is that this reading is partly about the EU and actions being contemplated by some members to simply “plug on ahead,” with perhaps a “new, improved” agreement of some sort that tries to drive its members ever forward with both carrot and stick.

But I also think there is something much larger going on; over the last two months or so we have seen a dramatic shift from Moon/Lunar/Hidden/Female/Dreams/passive energies to Sun/Solar/Active/Obvious/Male/Direct/Active energies for the last two weeks or so.

While these could be getting ready to flip again, they could also be shifting towards balance in one area but ready to tip over again in a totally unexpected way.

The one thing we do know, is that not everything will be totally shifted, because the rune Daguz (Dawn) has appeared three times now.

It is literally the word Dawn, and usually means new starts/new beginning/light/understanding/a new cycle.  It has been the predominate rune for the last week, appearing three times in  just one weekly period.

To me this tells that although a new cycle, journey, trend/wind direction is in their air, it is based on some of the changes that were already starting to take place.

Therefore, where this could be something totally new and different (like a natural rather than a man-made problem) it should still have hints of the previous (mostly man-made) issues of the last few months.

I’d look for continued stories about solar activity levels, natural (as opposed to man-made) situations/problems/disasters as well as the long-running EU/War means in the next few days.

There are hints here that something unexpected or new is about to come on the scene to distract everyone, at least for a while; though the Scales card indicates its exact nature and/or impact may be yet to be determined and/or may be a direct result of previous actions (karma).

Most likely WE as human beings may be part of that determining factor; as both man-made and (Mother) nature made problems can be profoundly mitigated or increased by how people choose to respond to them. That is true both on the leadership and personal levels, so keep you eyes to the news this weekend and be ready in case a personal response is needed.

In the meantime, a good weekend to start new projects and look towards new goals and projects; just keep your eye on the scales of reality while you do so.

That’s your cards and rune for this weekend, remember you can get your personal cards (or runes) today or any day by getting a reading.

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