Card of the Day – Thursday – January 26, 2012

Today’s card is The Father, the same card we had in our last actual reading on Tuesday; the rune however is different it is Isa or “Ice.”

To quickly review, The Father card represents Father energy, and can be both a client’s actual physical father, a father figure, a father-link mentor or even a client’s own “inner-parent.” But in a world/western world reading this card is more likely to represent the Father energy in a more abstract way, the most obvious that of patriarchy but also a generalized male/father/masculine/active/direct sort of effect.

On Tuesday, I had a very strong sense that the Father Card was a strong symbol for Germany as the “Father Land” and that the major energy the card was picking up on was Germany’s current attempts at trying to be a “father” to the EU; both in a practical and a political sense.

On Tuesday, This Energy was combined with Othala (inheritance or inherited land) a Rune that has often been a favored symbol in Germany, echoing as it does the idea of Pan-Germania and the Homeland/Fatherland as well.

In that reading, the Father seems to be trying to bring the unruly children under his “wing” and provide them with the “skills” (see the father teaching his son on the card) they need to “grow up” and be..well, more like Germans.

But when combined with the rune Isa (ICE), the cards and rune together would suggest a father that is trying to arrest his children’s development or prevent them from acting. Isa is considered the opposite pole of Fehu (wealth), and in an economic sense, this implies “putting a freeze” on the countries that Germany feels are, or should be, under its control.

There is no way of knowing for sure if they will secede in this attempt, but I suspect there will be some pretty blunt or even harsh words coming out the EU meetings that have been on-going all week, in tandem with the Elite conferences in Davos, Switzerland.

Again, for individuals, these energies can be quite good; especially the father card; and individuals fathers (and those in positions of authority) can simply take care to try not to be too over-powering and controlling of their charges (the energy will make that miss-step very easy to do).

Isa also means Ice and could be an indicator of things getting stuck in a rut or frozen as well, so again taking steps to “break the ice” on purpose is a good way around this energy; in addition to simply accepting that some things are not likely to move for a while and get on with other business.

Finally, both Isa and The Father (Old Man Winter) have some associations with obvious cold/frozen/harsh weather – so storms, especially ice storms in various parts of the Northern Earth would not surprise me in the least.  I especially feeling a pull towards parts of North America here (Mid-West/South?) but also parts of the UK and Ireland (where I live).  Of course, I have only to open my front door to know that a freeze is likely tonight; but this feels like it could be a real problem, at least in some of the mentioned locations.

So, if you live anywhere with freeze warnings, just be careful to have a good source of heat, light, food and water in case the power goes out and be ready to play slip and slide if you have to go out on the ice sheets.

That’s your card and rune for today – hopefully tomorrow I can get back to reading them at an earlier hour of the day.

Meanwhile, remember that you can get your cards and runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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