Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 24, 2012

Today’s Card if The Father and Today’s Rune is Odala (or Othala) which is the rune of Odin (All Father in the Norse traditions) so both card and rune are almost certainly flagging the same basic energies.

There are some differences though, the Father card is usually about earthly fathers and the passing of skills to new generations.  Though it can sometimes mean a Fatherly/Male/Active energy (including divine father).  All of us also contain a certain amount of Father/Directive energy, even if we are female and have never been a parent.

The Othala Runestave is most commonly associated with The Ancestral Homeland, The Inherited Lands, and Inheritance.

Taken together with the Father Card, I’m reading both this card and this runestave as suggesting that “The Father-Land/Germany” is likely to play a big role today, probably in reference to the ever-growing mess taking place in the EU right now. By itself, Othala can refer to any inherited land (or personal characteristic) or ancestral homeland, but Germany in specific has taken over the “Heavy Father” role in the EU, apparently believing itself entitled to punish, reward, and control. This would match nicely to Russia as “The Motherland” in a reading I did a couple of months ago. Othala also suggests a centrality of power, the ancestral seat from which rule stems, and this would likewise fit with Germany’s current role (or the role it wants to play) in the EU.

This story has been long ongoing and reflected in the cards, almost to the point of boredom, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important obviously the cards think it is important; but what is changing here is the obvious and direct link to one country in particular (or at least their energy).

I can’t tell for sure which way Germany’s heavy hand is likely to fall in terms of the exact situation with Greece, but my feeling is that it will not be gentle hand.

The same may very well be true for some of the other affected countries, such as Ireland where I live, among others (or my homeland/dwelling place).

As always, this energy is also likely to spill over into other areas, and continues the ongoing shift to male/paternal/active/energies that started a couple of weeks ago.

That shows no sign of letting up, so again this is a good day for the active learning of skills, new projects, life-path workings, working with children, teaching, buying a house or property and even business decisions.

Meditations might be better undertaken in a more “active” fashion than usual, such as taking a brisk walk,  performing a repeated task or using a mind puzzle for concentration.

I feel this current energy is probably going to affect things for several more days (at least) before it fades out.

That’s your card (and rune) for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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