Card of the Day – Monday-January 23, 2012

Today’s main card is Never, with the qualifier cards of Union and The Puzzle – the Rune of the Day is Daguz which translates as the word Dawn.

I intended to only pull one card today but when I picked the Never card I then asked the question “never what?” and got the Union Card and the Puzzle.

The Never card tends to mean that something either never will happen or will stall (or be stuck) for so long it seems like it will never happen.

While the Raven on the card almost certainly refers to “Quoth the Raven never-more” it is also good to remember that the Raven is also a Messenger, especially in the Northern Traditions.  So the card brings us a message that today’s energy is likely to be rather negative, especially to projects that are trying to go forward.  On a personal level this blocking energy can be frustrating enough, but the next two cards point the major area it is likely to effect and that is:

Union – in this Case I think the Union Card, once again refers directly to the European Union although there could also be echoes in other stories such as a breaking celebrity divorce (or broken engagement Never/Union).

There is a strong, inhibiting energy working on anything trying to come together in a united way today.  The Union is “Lovers” card in this deck and in a relationship reading, is almost always a good thing.  Though if I saw cards like this in a relationship reading I would suggest the young lovers be very careful and wait a bit before planning their wedding; waiting at least until this No/Union/Puzzle period is over.

The Puzzle Card represents a decision that Must Be Made and CAN NOT BE AVOIDED forever.  There are two doors, one for each path that may be chosen, but their does have to be a choice. There are terrible vines with thorns and thick brambles to prevent the Seeker from going around these doors, so they only way forward is to open one or the other of them.

Again, I think this suggests that this week is another pivot point for the EU, it may not be the finally puzzle piece; but this is an important week in terms of its future. Given the No-Union combination, I can’t say that future is looking really bright right now, at least as long as the current energy patterns hold.

The thing about the Puzzle Card is that it is all about choosing and making a decision, and I think some of the leaders at this weeks economic gathering  need to remember that not making a decision is also making a decision.

The same could be said on an even larger scale for the “union” of leaders meeting in Davos, Switzerland this week.  Those movers and shakers who consider themselves to be the pivot points around which the world turns, need to remember that they too are likely to run into this same wall of negative energy and they too will need to choose which door to walk through, both collectively and as individuals/tribes/nations.

Finally, the Rune of the Day is the same as Friday’s weekend reading – Daguz: Dawn, New Beginnings, Morning Twilight, light dawning, things coming to light, etc., it is also a solar rune, though not the sun itself.

Because it is Solar and a Germanic symbol the Sun itself is female, so while we are still in a “sun/outward/active” energy cycle, it is not necessarily active, male and practical but more likely to be inward focused, female and hidden (or perhaps more obscured, the way the sunlight is sometimes shadowed by the early morning mists).

So, look for lots of things going on behind the scenes today, especially in Europe and its allied nations.  North America is unlikely to escape these influence all together, but it feels like Europe is really the center of the action for today (and going on into the week).

For individuals, this can be a great day with that Union card but be careful of the blocking energies and a tendency to find some issues muddied and difficult to “puzzle” out.

Not such a good day to start new projects, but a good day to try to untangle threads of those already started.  A mix day on the romantic front with the Union Card pulling and the never Card pushing – perhaps a good evening to stay home with a warm cup of tea rather than seeking out wild romance.  However, since it is Monday that probably won’t be too great a hardship for those just back to work and facing a week of early mornings ahead of them.

So, that’s your cards and rune of the day!

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