Card of the Day-Weekend Edition-Jan 20-22, 2012

This weekend’s Cards are The Cave, Father and The Libido while the Rune of the Weekend is Daguz.

For a quick review:

The Cave card represents withdrawal from the world, depression, the blues, sadness, and heartbreak.  Its only really good aspect is when the withdrawal is self-selected for reasons of meditation or personal growth.

The Father Card symbolizes Fathers, Father Figures, Authorities, Teachings, The Passing of Knowledge, The Passing on of Skills, Hunting, Male Energies, Paternalism, Patriarchy and Pointing in the Right Direction.

The Libido’s most obvious meaning is Sexuality/Mating and Life Force, but it is also Beauty, The Primordial Garden, Temptation, Joy in Living, Personal Display and even fashion.

Finally the Daguz Rune, means quite literally Day or Dawn, its most common means are: New Beginnings, New Day, Sunrise, Revelations of Hidden things/knowledge, sacred fire, twilight, paradox, awareness but also bedazzlement, mental difficulties, confusion and general murkeyness.

As a symbol for Dawn/Day/Day light, Daguz is also another Sun Rune and in some of the ancient Futhark alphabets is also the LAST RUNE, because it indicates a NEW DAY/NEW CYCLE is playing out.  it is more common for the ancient scripts to end in Othalla or inherited lands, by my personal rune sheet ends with Daguz.

In any case, how to we read these cards for an over-all energy reading for the World/Western world through Sunday into early next week?

Well, the Cave card suggests a time of shadows and hidden sadness, a time when people and/or major players withdraw a bit back into their caves.  This is very much like a hurt animal retreating when in pain and the pain can be physical or psychological.

Here my gut is telling me it is partly just too much overwhelming bad news that is causing this effect; although there is another thread running through this card.  That thread is this card as a marker for sadness or depression over a certain event or situation, which leads us to the Father Card.

The Father Card most likely pulls in both the Cave Cards and the Libido cards towards himself.  While the father can also be the strong guide and protector, he can also be the maker of rules and family discipline.  He can lovingly guide his off-spring to self-sufficiency or he can become jealous of their success  and fear they will usurp his role or no longer need him in their lives.

The Libido Card expresses the joyful manner that leads to the creation of life, but also the tempting snake that can lead attraction down dark and deadly avenues if not balanced with proper control and focus (the mating dance of the peacocks).

Taken together, these cards suggest to me that we continue this past week’s male/solar/active energies, but these energies have created a situation of retreat rather than advancement.  As in yesterday’s cards, there is a striking duality between passive and active energies (Depression/withdraw and Sexuality/Life force) summed up in one force: in this case The Father/Patriarchal/Male/Solar energy.

I would look for stories in the Media that affect men, reproduction and problems as part of this time period.  Or even mankind’s weapons (bow and arrow) causing with-drawl and attraction at the same time (the push and pull of war/hunting).

Their are also echoes of yesterday’s Sun/solar aspects (and warnings) in the Daguz rune.  Because while this rune tells us again that the energy has shifted from Moon/Mother/Inward/Water cycles (of nearly 2 weeks ago) to the Sun/Father/Outward/Fire energies of this week; once again we have The Sun in Her Mother aspects as see in the Norse, not just the Father energies of His Light in Southern Europe.

Only this time, Mother Sun is opening up the Day and may reveal secrets and dawning light on issues that her other half, the Harsh Southern Male Sun, would prefer to remain hidden.

She stresses that this New Cycle will not totally be a time where The Father obtains the total control and direction he wants, because SHE will be there to provide new ways of seeing old information and to bring together things seemingly in opposition in ways that make sense.

To sum up, we are still in a very volatile time of cycle changes, I think both between the normal push/pull between outward/inward energies trying to find balance, and on the larger scales of the Earth’s Times and Tides.

There may be an event of such sorrow that it causes people to withdraw for a while, this may involve a threat to human fertility in some way; or simply be the result of: too much information, most of it bad news.

The cards also suggest that while certain elements may be playing for total control and domination in certain areas, they will be only partially  successful in these attempts and in fact may be undermined by hidden elements/energies/individuals within their own power base.

As always, individuals can use this weekend energy to their own advantage. by choosing to celebrate the Cave card in the positive aspect of strategic rest and withdrawal. The Father card can be used to focus the energy of the Good Father, who spends time with his children and mentors and cares for those in his care and The Libido Card can be used to celebrate the Joy of Living and Creation (in all its aspects).

So, a rather complex time with a lot of undercurrents, some of which seem to contradict each other but which the Dawn Rune suggests will all make sense in the light of new and coming information.

Until we get there, enjoy your weekend with those you care about and make sure to take time for personal healing and rest.

We’ll revisit these issues next week when we do our next reading, so stayed tuned.

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