Card & Rune of the Day-Thurs-Jan 19, 2012

Today we move into a new experiment and will try adding a Rune from the Elder Futhark (Germanic Rune Stave) in addition to the daily card.  By using a slightly different divination system, we may get some different shades of meaning on the daily energies, as well as qualifying possible shades of meanings in the cards.

Today’s combination is just amazing, in fact when I pulled the Now Card, my first thought was that a prefect rune to go with it would be Sowilo or The Sun.

While the Now card tends to  suggest that something is happening NOW, is also a very solar card, an active card as well as a harvest card.  It is not the actual Sun card, but has a the sun shinning on the card and shedding light on the man reaping the harvest he has sewn.

In some ways, the Sowilo rune is better matched with this card energy wise than it would be with the Sun card in this deck.  That’s because while my Psy Card Deck portrays the Sun in the Southern European tradition as male; the Northern Germanic Rune follows the traditional Northern view of seeing the Sun as a Female Energy, the Goddess Sunna.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure the Great Powers (and Planets) really have a gender as we understand it, but in terms of divination, it is very important to understand the concepts behind the tools you are using and how that affects the way they play out in a reading.

Yesterday’s Cards, suggested a continued swing from the Moon/Female/intuitive/passive energies to the more active Sun/Male/Rational mind/active energy phase.  But when you combine the Now card, a very solar card (and very male) with the Female Sun rune, you get a deeper sense of what is going on.

For one thing, it suggests not so much that the power of the Female/Mother/ is wavering; but instead SHE is working in her ACTIVE aspects alongside the emerging male energies.

Pretty much we have the Sun in both Her nurturing qualities of warmth and His blinding qualities of light, are at play at the moment.

My gut is telling me that yes we are moving more from a Lunar Phase to a Solar Phase this week; but that we should remember that the Sun has both active and obvious manifestations (the male Sun in a Hot Southern Climate) but also deep and hidden manifestations (the female Sun in a harsh Northern Climate).

Finally, we can look at the basic meaning of the card as:

“Now is the Time of Harvest or Reaping What You Sow”

And the Rune which is:

Sun, light, confidence, profit, affirming energies but also self-centered, over-activity (without purpose), vanity and ego.

I can also add that  some modern readers also view this rune as sometimes representing nuclear power (the power of the sun harnessed)  and I feel I need to mention that here, because that could be an aspect to look at in this current time period.

So put the Card and the Rune together and you get some thing like:

Now is the time of Harvest and the Sun in both his/her  active and passive (outward energy and inward energy) is the strongest influence upon this harvest/event.

This suggests to me that very soon, either the Sun itself  is going to become a player in current events and/or the Sun as its representation on earth aka nuclear reactions.

My gut feeling is that both the Actual Sun, and nuclear issues are important here, so look for stories about the Sun affecting harvests and also the economic news that has been such a trend in these readings.  But also keep your eyes peeled for more stories about all things nuclear (including good news about cold fusion/other peaceful uses)  and anything from the ongoing disaster in Japan to Nuclear powered weapons.

On a personal note, these are very good cards for individuals, a great time to enjoy the harvests in your life and take time right NOW, to enjoy and appreciate family and friends.  Know that the Sun in Her Female aspect is shinning today, so even if dimmed a bit by Winter storms (in the North) she is still gently keeping the Earth Warm and cozy until it is time to bring the world to light again in the  Spring.

That’s your card and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards (or runes) today or any day by ordering a reading.

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