Card of the Day – Wednesday-January 18, 2011

Today’s card is The Wheel of Fortune/Fate/Changes/Karma and indicates either a pivot point in time, another changing of the cycles or probably both.  It also tends to manifest a lot during times of great changes, chaos, and times of Destiny, in fact in some modern Tarot decks it is the Destiny/Fate card.

It is very likely that on a macro-world/western world scale this card is telling us both that this is a time of great and rapid change; possible moving into a more active energy period and away from the more inner-active period recently focusing on the Moon and The Mother.

Yesterday’s Beast Card, may have been the first hint of this sudden shift; going from the over-all nurturing Mother whose intuition is usually right to the Raging Beast of Angry (or even Angry Mother) who lashes out at whatever is hurting her/him without any thought behind who is about to come under attack.

How long and how drastic this change is, remains to be seen later in the week; however, I feel a very strong sense of the DESTINY meaning of this card today. Decisions and things happening right now (even behind the scenes) are going to have a powerful effect on the coming future cycles.

It is likely we are no longer in a quiet, lulling period but moving swiftly into an active and energetic one.  I won’t be surprised if more solar/male focused cards start coming up again in the next few days but we will just have to wait and see.

What-ever is going on, except the unexpected again today; as the major energies may go back and forth between active and passive and out-ward focus/inward focus; as the energies try for balance as they always do.

In personal lives, this card can often be positive, as often Great Change is good; though sudden changes can be rather shocking and difficult to cope with at first.

Remember, as always, this card is also the Wheel of Karmic Cycles both in our personal lives and in term of Historical Events.

I believe the sinking of the Italian Cruise Ship is an excellent example of Karmic “echoes” coming only days after the Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  It was not an identical accident, there was a rock rather than an ice burg and thankfully many fewer people died.  On the other hand, there were issues concerning possibly delays by the Captain when it came to orders to abandon the ship and difficulties with the life boats.  Finally rumors had it that the captain once said to friends that he “did not want to become the captain of the Titanic.”

All of which is sort-of-weird and interesting, but also points out exactly how historical cycles tend to rhyme, even when they don’t repeat.  I also get the deep feeling that in the same way the Titanic brought up all sorts of issue of how the corporations, banking and transport companies of the day made profit vs. safety issues in the early 20th century; this accident may bring up and expose similar issues in the early 21st.

I’ll be looking for other major cycles to repeat in the near future; especially economic ones that I think the card also refers to.

However, by and large this card can provide a lot of positive energy for people willing to jump onto the wheel with their eyes open and hang on for the ride until the water goes down in the mill-stream and the wheel slows down for a bit.

The wheel is always in motion, but it is the waters of time, karma and destiny that determine how fast it spins and slows.  Right now, those waters appear to be moving very quickly, and moving in totally unexpected directions if the last two day’s cards are correct.

So, remember in this busy time of changes, you can still get your personal cards read!

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