Card of the Day-Weekend Edition-Jan 14-15, 2012

Today’s reading has two sets of cards, I missed several days of reading due to my unhappy shoulder, so I decided to try an extended reading and see what came up.  I re-shuffled the remaining cards, before picking the second group of cards, asking for more information on the first three.

A quick review of these cards would be:

Mother: a maternal energy, an actual mother, a motherly women; can also be protection (Momma Bear), smothering (Momma’s Boy) or even Mother Earth.

The Home: The physical and Spiritual home face, very often ones own home, the place where you feel safe; also can be Homeland/Country or even a spiritual centering.

Yes: A card which can be used in a yes or no question, but also tends to indicate that “yes, something is happening” with the other cards.  In this case, its showing up as the third card was one reason I did the extra cards; because we would like to know “yes, what about Mother and the Home/Homeland?”

So the second set of cards again a basic review:

Prison: feeling trapped, a physical, emotional or psychic prison, stuck-in-fear, hopelessness, depression, the prisoner is too entrapped to even look up to see the sunlight through the window.

The Voyage: a trip, a journey either physical or spiritual, the ship of ones life, the ship of state, moving-forward, sailing on ahead, sailing into the sunset, exploration etc.

Fortune: The man with the lamp seeking a treasure on a winding stair case – card indicates the search for riches (material or spiritual), actual fortunes (and in money, especially earned money), the winding-path of life  (the stair case), hidden secrets/treasure/knowledge.

OK, so that’s the review; what does it mean in terms of a world/western-world energy reading.

The first set of cards tell me that the focus this weekend (and going into next week) is likely to be home and family.  Especially issues that affect Mothers and women directly, also suggests that the Mother/Feminine/Moon/Inward energies continue over from last week into the next one.  We are still in a Mother/female centered energy time period.

The Mother card may also be Mother Earth, and in this case I would expect to see stories about Nature, the Planet etc (both positive and negative).  The Home card in this case could be read as “the earth-our home.”

However, my sense is that while the Planet and Maternal energies are at play here; there are also things going on that direct effect mothers, children, homes and families.  In particular, the issues that Mothers tend to control and involve themselves with the most: food, clothing and sheltering of their children/families.

In the next set, the Prison card indicates a direction that some of these issue may be coming from.  On a personal level a lot of people are likely to feel (or actually be) trapped in their homes.  Or trapped in a situation about their homes, that they can not easily escape.

The Voyage card suggests movement in this area, if positive it could mean a step forward in programs/agreements/paths that allow people to “move/voyage” out of the “trap.”  If negative, the card could indicate a lot of people simply moving on, or moving forward (sailing into the sunset).  There could be some of both, depending on where the family is located and their personal situation.

But, the Voyage card strongly suggests that the “trap” will not last forever, as things will continue to move (sail onward), no matter what.  What we don’t know is if the Mother/Families/Homes are Prisoners on the ship or Free sailors?  That we may have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

Finally the Fortune card can be read in two totally opposite ways here, and my guess is that as the last card, this is the one most likely to be in the not-yet-settled future.  It could be a card of “sailing towards fortune” and if the Prison card were not there, I would suspect this was a lovely bit of good news that things were likely to get better for many folks.

However, with the Prison card, it could mean that fortunes/family fortunes/home fortunes etc., continue to be affected and may be part of the trap.

I’m getting the gut feeling that even more crazy and worrying economic news may be coming out next week that will affect (or cause worry) to Mothers/Families/Homes etc.  If the ride gets really wild (and I’m not sure yet if it will or not) some people may gain fortunes, but others are almost certain to lose them.

Finally, in a good sense; except for the Prison card, the cards are very positive for a Holiday Weekend in the US.  One where people can concentrate on their homes and families, even if their fortunes “trap” them in to celebrating closer to home than they might have otherwise.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Focusing on home and family during troubled times is a great way to move forward on your personal physical and spiritual voyage.

So, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, pay some attention to the news but don’t be over-whelmed by it.  Hopefully we’ll get another card or two on Monday (since Europe does not have a holiday this coming week) to give us a bit more information on where things are heading next.

Those were your cards for the weekend, remember you can get your personal card reading any time;

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