Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 10, 2011

Today’s card reading will be brief, as I have managed to hurt my shoulder again, but I wanted to put up the days main energy card with at least a few sentences about it.

The Libido card represents: sexuality, life-force, the garden life (Eden) and also its hidden dangers.  The two peacocks display for each other, for a pea-hen who is not shown on the card, while the snake lurks in the grass beside them.  A lovely water-fall tumbles in the background and the rust colored leaves are an indicator that the Season is Fall, though still early enough for the wild-flowers in the foreground.

This card means today is likely to be another day of strong, vital feeling energies; much like the active Change card of yesterday’s Wheel Card.  It is a great day for romance, out-door activities, colorful costumes, displays of talent.  It is also a day to watch out for unnoticed complications, fights or arguments in relationships and under-handed actions by those you can’t quite see.

In an international sense: look for stories about sex, reproduction, genetics, diseases, ritual combat, posturing, fashion and utopias in the Media.  Some will be serious and interesting, and some are likely to be distracting, part of this energy I think is the direct effect of the change card; nothing makes people feel sexy like a bit of excitement in the air.  The Powers that Be know that and may try to funnel it into distraction with more than usual stories lines about the private lives of public figures or a new sexual “trend/fantasy/amusement.”

But over-all, this should be a good day for most people, a great day to have someone watch the kids (if you can) and go on a “date” with your spouse or if your single; to find joy in a new relationship.

Be watchful for the cards other meanings (like display behavior that gets out of hand) but don’t worry about it too much, being a one-day fashion victim can happen to anyone; just don’t let your friends put the photos up on the web to show your grandkids in forty years (lol).

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading!

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