Card of the Day – Monday January 9, 2012

Today’s card is The Wheel, this card indicates a time period when the Wheel of Fate/Karma/Changes is in control; it can also signal a tipping point in the energy cycles, where one period finally spills over into a new one.

Since we been seeing a strong move in the cards from a Sun/Father/Day/Action dominated time period to a Moon/Mother/Feminine/Night/Inward period, I think the Wheel is telling us that the balance has now totally tipped over into the new energy pattern.

Which does not mean there will no energies at all from the more active/solar/male-energy/action cards; only that their energy will not be as likely to dominate this second-half of the Winter (in the North) Season they way they did in the November/December time period.

However, the Wheel of Change can also mean just that: sudden, profound and unexpected changes that could come from any direction.  While it is more likely they will come up “from the depths” especially from the inner-mind (aka problems and situations that involve people); this could come from natural earth-related locations as well.

Since this is also the Wheel of Karma and Karmic cycles, it is also a time to look for history both repeating and rhyming with itself – I feel a strong pull on this one towards the economic news again – especially looking at the 1930’s, but also previous periods of economic bubble collapses like the Tulip Bulb Mania in Holland in the 17th century or the multiple-depressions in the US during the 19th century.  My inner-sense is saying that it is important not to study only one period (aka the 1930’s) while looking for the Stranger (aka new solutions based on but not repeating new ides, late December readings).  I’m not trained in economics, so I have no idea what those exact solutions are, but the Wheel of Change/Karma tells me they are there, if people will actually look for them (and learn from the past to alter the future, instead of just suffering it).

However, I don’t in any way feel that economics are the entire message today, in fact I feel a very expansive, almost exciting pull in this card.

This time period may be more inward focused and intuitive; rather than bold and brash; but it also feels like a time of deep and awakening power.  A time when ideas and secrets brewing just below the surface for a very long time are going to start bubbling up to the surface and popping to attract our attention.

This is a fantastic time period for meditations, trace-workings, deep-thought, complex-planning, preparations (of all sorts), vision-quests, long walks, career changes, moving house, re-contacting old friends and making new ones.

In a nut shell, the theme for today (and my sense is the next week) is profound and unexpected changes both in personal lives and public events.

So hang on to your hats, life may move a bit more quickly this week than you expected!

That’s you cards for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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