Card of the Day – Weekend Edition-Jan 6-8, 2011

This weekend‘s cards: Now, The Skills and The Mother are not only send a very positive card message for the next few days; they also continue to show the Feminine/Moon/Mother influence on this period of time.

Today, unlike some of the past week, Mom is showing us that she is:

Now (right now) teaching us The Skills (things we need to know) especially those skills associated with The Mother (nurturing, protectiveness, security, warmth, feeding etc) that we need.

Given that in the last few readings we have glimpsed perhaps harsher sides of the Mother energy, it is delightful to be reminded that she teaches her children the skills they need to make their way in this world (even in the current troubled times) if we only listen to her.

These cards also suggest that Now, also  means that RIGHT NOW is the TIME to practice the SKILLS we need in order to MOTHER ourselves and our families in the near/current time period.

The Mother skills would include things like: cooking, clothing, cleaning, caring for the sick, protecting spaces, warmth, the home-place, children, babies etc.  Another good chunk of these skills is using “Mom’s Intuition” both in terms of sizing up situations quickly (and taking action when required) along with a Mom’s “I have eyes in the back of my head, y’all be good in there!” way of knowing everything going on that concerns her family.

Taking a Mother’s Eye View of the world and the skills needed to cope with it, are important over this weekend.

This is a true for Peoples/Nations/Tribes/Leaders as it is for individuals, though I feel this weekend’s energy is more individually directed than most of these readings are.

This reading is very good news, but it is also a bit of a warning: NOW is the time to work on the skills your Momma told you, you were gonna need (and if she didn’t some wise female in your life probably did).

So a great weekend for practicing any sort of nurturing related skill: cooking, food storage, sewing, afterYule house cleaning, hugging, reading to loved ones (especially little ones), comforting activities, warm blankets (including making them by sewing/knitting/quilting).

Guys, that means you too!  While the cards suggests Mother Energy here, Men and boys need these skills for the future as well.  But you can put you own spin on it if you like; try cooking over an open fire, clearing out the man cave or taking your children for a Dad’s day out.

Over-all, I think these cards are saying to learn the skills that you need now (and that includes money matters, as usually it is Mom who makes the daily spending decisions); because you are going to need them later.

Because this is a Mother/Moon/Female Energy period, the Mother Skills are especially blessed and go with the “flow” during this time period; but that doesn’t mean  you have to limit yourself to them; just that this is a good time for practicing them.

That’s your Cards for the Weekend, remember you can get your cards this weekend or any time by getting a personal reading.

For information on ordering you reading, click here!

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