Card of the Day – Thursday – January 5, 2012

Today’s Card is Birth, with the qualifier cards of Beauty and The Moon – The Birth card actually “jumped out” of the deck, while I was shuffling it actually popped up and over my hands, onto the key board.  Usually when this happens, it means the card is a very important card and does not want to be ignored!

I decided to pick a couple of qualifier cards, by re-shuffling the deck and the qualifier cards were stuck together, another indicator that something wants to be read “together.”  I guess after yesterday’s pause for the weather, the cards had important messages for me and my readers, lol!

In all seriousness, in a private reading for a client; these cards would be probably indicators of good things to come.  Unless there were some other issues in the back-ground to bring out their darker aspects of the cards.

Unfortunately,because these cards keep coming up (and have been coming up) unless the usual energy symbols have changed due to the shift in over-all energies (which they could have done) I’m not going to be able to read these cards quite as wonderfully in a word-wide/western-world energy reading.

But first, the good news, the way I would read this for a client and to understand the POSITIVE aspects of the energies that are out there and people/tribes/nations/leaders can CHOOSE to work with.

Birth (Something is born, something new comes to light, a new day, a new beginning, the natural outcome of conception) The Beauty – (awareness of self, self-confidence, flirtation, power of attraction, a beautiful women) and The Moon (The unconcious mind, dreams, ideas/emotions coming out of the deep places, divine madness/inspiration, reaching out to make dreams come true).

Those are the largely positive aspects in this card, for a private client (and individuals today) the energies would indicate something like:

A new chapter of your life is coming to birth, probably as a result of seeds you planted a few months ago.  The Beauty card shows a growing self-confidence and what is being created will be received with joy and continue to prosper.  The Moon Card shows that this new situation (birth) in your life is born out of the depths of your dreams and creativity.

All that energy is there; however in the past months and weeks; when The Beauty card has shown up in these Western-World readings, she has usually been a symbol for the EU – the Beauty women who also becomes prideful, vain, self-absorbed and fixated on looking at herself in the pretty window.

The Birth card has been showing up in this new cycle that seems to be starting off this New Year, and has been very connected with a move towards Mother/Moon/Female energies (see the last two week’s cards for the energy shifts and further insights).

So, in this reading the Beauty may still be the EU (and/or Western financial system), in which case the reading symbols go something like:

Birth (coming into being as the result of concept) The EU (the fickle beauty) comes under the influence of The Moon (affected by things coming out of the depths/Lunacy/madness/inspiration).

The reading does not tell us for certain if this lunar outcome is good or bad exactly, but it suggests that the entire situation is currently being guided by emotions and hidden secrets/agendas, rather than rational thought/light of day.  The Moon/Female cards, also suggest a passive energy, rather than an active one – a tendency to let things ooze along and hope for the best, confident that “everything is beautiful” and dealing with things as they “arise” out of the Deep Ocean.

My inner-voice is telling me that all these energies our out there right now, but that in macro-reading terms, these cards indicate a tendency right now for everyone to react on a more emotional rather than a rational level.  This can be a good thing, to be in touch with our feelings, but it can also be a blinder, the same way the Beauty card can be a women who is self-confident or a women who is blinded by her own good looks (and can’t see any further down the road than her own face in the mirror).

Over all, these cards show the New Trends of this more female/moon centered time period continue.  Which means we are likely in for a number of surprises over the next few days and possibly even weeks (if this energy stays to the for).

Nothing brings up surprises like a stormy ocean, and wind blown waves can be tricky and strike the show in unexpected places.

This is a time period to expect the unexpected!

Meanwhile, it is also a great time to be inspired! A great day for artists, writers and creative people of all types to start on new projects (or re-invent old ones).

So a somewhat mixed-set of energies today/this week; but exiting ones when worked with to increase creative expression and inner growth.

That’s your cards of the Day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by ordering a reading!

For information on ordering your reading, click here!

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