Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 3,2012

Well, today’s card is the Fool and nothing suggests a new/change of energy/cycle like the Fool/New Beginnings card.  I actually qualified today’s reading with a suggestion that the card help enlighten us a bit on yesterday’s cards, and those for the Weekend Edition; so I believe today’s card is really sending home the message that the energies are changing.

This does not mean the old energies of no/liberation/freedom or the energies of economic collapse/possible war go totally away; it does mean there is a new perspective coming into play.  Given the two past readings (and those of others whom I respect) it looks like the more “Feminine Mother/Moon/Intuitive/hidden secrets” energy is rushing in to wash over some more direct Father/Sun/Direct/Action energy that was pushing hard the last couple of months of 2011.

It also indicates that once again, a lot of things are hidden and going on behind the scenes; some of which even the folk direction involved may not totally understand (the Moon) card, which while not here in this reading; goes along with a more Night/female/mother centered period of time.

The Fool card on its own, is similar to the Fool in the tarot deck; he is a young man just starting out on his life/spiritual journey; he is all fresh and happy, playing his flute and paying absolutely no attention to what is going on around him.  He may be about to make his fortune, or walk right into the tree in front of him, the tree he can’t see because his hair is over his eyes and he’s not looking anyway.

One way I read today’s cards with yesterday’s, is that Mother Earth may be about to get involved in some of mankind’s activities; especially when people (The collective Fools) are least expecting it.  Not totally because they are “foolish” in a modern sense (though some are) but because our mind is focused elsewhere, either on making our own music; or on the problems already in play from the father/no/negative/liar energies of the past few months. 

We may even find that are leaders are so busy trying to hide us for whatever nasty surprise lurks behind the Liar’s curtain (see past readings) that they totally miss the signs that Momma stop raising her voice and is about to raise her hand instead.  As tiny children, Momma is the figure that we tend to both most love and fear at the same time; that’s because she feeds us, comforts us, cares for us, and is also the first to punish us when we stray off the path.  A good Mother does this to keep the child from further hurt and pain in the future; but we don’t realize this when we are eighteen months old and about to put our hands in the fire. 

While a Mother’s love is usually unconditional, when a child is grown it is not uncommon for a Mother to repudiate the actions of a child who despite her best efforts, goes terribly wrong.  She may continue to love such a reprobate, but if she see’s them hurting others; she may withdraw her protection or even act in ways that harm her adult offspring but spare others pain (such as turning in a child who has committed a terrible crime and she knows may do so again).

This is the side of the Mother card/Mother energy that is starting to worry me just a little.  While for the most part, the current change is energies has the capacity for great good; as a female/feelings/emotional/watery time period (card wise anyway) there is the potential for nurturing, loving, giving, caring and understanding; but there is also the potential for the expressing of inner-rage, rejection, striking out and pain if not focused in a wise and caring manner.

I feel this may be especially true of “Mother Nature” who may be about to act on in New/Unexpected/Maternal ways when least expected.

So, in addition to the obvious economic and war themes, I think we all need to pay attention for stories in the news that indicate that Momma is not happy with her children.  In other-words “natural” disasters (large and small) like foods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, winds etc..

This doesn’t mean we are doomed, it does mean we need to pay attention – again the energy is there to use this more night/female/fresh start energy for just that: a fresh start.

I hope the world is smart enough to take the hints, while there is still time.

Meanwhile a great day for individuals to start new projects, make fresh plans, write-up New Year’s resolutions and generally follow your dreams.

May all  your dreams be wonderful and come true in the New Year!

That’s your card of the Day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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