Card of the Day – Monday-January 2, 2012

Well today’s card’s – Yes, Mother and Birth, all fell out of the deck together (sometimes happens when shuffling cards).  They were all stuck together so I’m reading them as equal cards, although in some ways Mother and Birth do act as qualifiers for an otherwise difficult to read Yes card.

These cards show the continuing shift of energies in the New Year that started to show up about two weeks ago.  While the energies still seem to be swaying back and forth – today the “no” energies of what can not be, are being pushed back by the “yes” energies of what CAN be.  This sort of positive-movement-forward energy can be a welcome change from the more “stuck” energy of a “no” period.  Although in itself, Yes energy is neither good nor bad, it tends to indicate a period of more active energy flow, giving everyone more to work with.

The Mother-Birth cards obviously show something is coming into being/being born.  The most obvious reading is:

Yes (yes this is happening) Mother (Life-giver, bringer, nurturing parent) Birth (comes into being, is born, sees the light).

Spanish has one of my favorite terms for giving birth – a woman is said to “dar la luz” or to Bring Light/Give Light and I sense some of that meaning here in the cards.  Yes, the Mother energy is going to bring light on many things; a new energy pattern is being born that will assist with this.  It may be based in older patterns but it is different enough to be a “newly born” thought/energy pattern.

This fits perfectly with the cards that came in towards the end of last week, except that the positive is now more highlighted, than the negative.

There is another way that cards can be read, that I have to mention because I think this energy is also out there.  That is that “Yes-The Mother(Earth) will Give Birth(to those seeds that have been planted).

In other-words, hold on to your hats because plans that were conceived months/years ago are just now coming to birth (see the light of day).  This is not in itself a good or bad thing; but the karma laid down in the past will come back in this new “life” to spill out as it will, the flow largely determined by previous actions.

Still, while this second energy of a somewhat unsettling Mother unleashing her off-spring upon the world is concerning; I think that there is still time for the world/people/tribes/nations to use this energy in a positive fashion.

This is certainly a fantastic New Year’s card spread for individuals, with the Yes/Mother/Birth cards setting up the perfect energy mix for new starts, new ideas, new habits and new resolutions to take hold.

For a little while, at least; the major energies are focused on forward movement, new life and new ideas; lets all work with that and see if we can really make the New Year one of New Starts and fresh alternatives to past responses that so obviously are not working.

Those are your cards for today, remember you can get your personal cards for today or any day by getting a ready.

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