Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Dec 30 -Jan 1 (2012)

This weekend’s cards are The Voyage, The Liar and The Body – an interesting mix of cards, all of which have shown up in previous readings but not in such an interesting combination.

As a quick review, The Voyage Card usually symbolizes a journey either physical or spiritual.  In a private reading, it can be as simple as a weekend trip or as complex as pointing towards one’s personal life path. 

The Liar card almost always means deception, either someone is directly lying or that something is “not as it seems.”  The Joker figure can also have hints of the darker side of the entertainment industry, and behind his attempts at distraction, there is a curtain that he does wish his audience to see.  There may or may not be a man behind the curtain, but the symbolism is certainly there.

The Body Card (aka the “creepy card”) has some interesting art work that tends to both repel and fascinate at the same time.  It looks like an illustration from an old medical text-book, and shows both the outside of the body as well as the inward layers of veins and muscles.  To me, this has always meant that in addition to the obvious implications for health (good or bad) the body card also represents the many layers of material existence and/or that a problem is located in the physical realm of existence.  In a personal reading, it almost always indicates either a health issue or that a situation being looked at has a material (or this world) connection. 

Taken together for a world energy reading, I’m getting two strong pulls as to what these cards indicate.

The first is short-term, and that is a high probability of travel disruption for some folks over the holiday weekend.  In fact, some people may never even get off the ground (on their way) at all.

That’s the Voyage (that you want to make) Liar (you thought you were going but that’s simply not true) the Body (physical people not moving).

Of course, not everyone is going to have problems; but be aware that the energy is out there and be ready with alternative plans if you travel falls through.  Also, look for media stories about travel problems of all sorts, especially those that are weather related (or perhaps deal with long-distance travel).

Second, there is a more macro-every possibility that concerns our over-all themes for the last few months of Money/Economy/War and for that one I read these cards as:

Voyage (moving forward, setting sail) Liar (it only looks like things are moving forward/there’s a lie or falsehood about the journey) The Body (Physical people and/or the Body of an organization/group is affected).

Or, to put it in plain English: The Ship of The EU/US/World finance may appear to be going forward, but that’s actually a false picture.  The situation will affect both the body politic/body of the State as well as individual bodies of people (the People). 

From past readings, we could already have guessed pretty much that this was the case, but the seeming that “all is well” (the Voyage) or that the Journey itself is a Lie; expresses it in a new and somewhat disturbing fashion for the New Year‘s Weekend.

This reading suggests to me that the majority of “news” coming out about the financial situation; both in the US and Europe is going to be “good” news or at least there will be some very strong attempts to spin it that way over the next weekend and the start of the first week of 2012.

There may also be hints about the “Great War” in here somewhere but it is fainter than the financial lie (at least at the moment).

Those who are aware (and the People on the Ground) will probably spot “the Lie” pretty quickly, even if they still can’t see the “man behind the curtain yet,” they will realize that no one really knows exactly where this ship is going or is likely to end up.

Meanwhile, for individuals; other than the travel cautions, this weekend’s energy not too bad.  Just be careful, as during any day when the Liar card shows up, to beware of deals that look to good to be true (they probably are) and be careful with self-deception over the holiday weekend. 

Pay close attention when traveling to and from parties/events and be kind to others because sensitive people of all sorts may pick up on this rather disturbing energy and become nervous or unhappy.  There’s always a lot of natural stress around this time of year, and this sort of energy background doesn’t help. 

Also, be sure and pay attention to the needs of the body; be careful what you eat and drink (enjoy yourself but not too much) and if you feel ill, be sure to stay home and rest. 

The physical World is the main focus of this weekend on both a personal and a world-wide/western world scale; so again rather active-outward focused cards, but a suggestion that acting with caution is a good idea.

That’s your cards for the New Year’s Weekend, remember you can get your personal cards for the coming New Year by getting a full reading!

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