Card of the Day – Thursday December 29, 2011

Today’s card is The Sage, and is a perfect card to come up towards the end of the “old” year; The Sage card indicates wisdom, learning, experience and the gathering of knowledge.  The old hooded man in the picture is not only reading books, he is entering in his own notes and writing new chapters as well.

The Sage/Wisdom has also been noticeably absent among the cards of late, and it is a very good sign to see it showing up now.  With the recent visits of The Stranger Card, we now have two new energies coming up and influencing the world.  While the Stranger’s role is unclear, Wisdom is almost always a good thing, at least when it is listened to.  The only real down side of this card can be a tendency to “stick with the old ways” when they are no longer working and/or when the Wise themselves become “fooled” by conventional “Wisdom.

While I do sense a bit of this influence in the cards (as a caution to watch out for) over-all I see it as a highly positive influence.  A further suggestion along with Yesterday’s Cards that yes things can be liberated (or set free) if totally new ideas and plans are put forward (Yes-The Stranger-Liberation). 

Of course, one of the problems with “Sage Advice” is that it can be very hard for some folks to hear, must less act upon.  But the energy today makes it likely that some very practical and useful advice probably is out there floating around and that this time period is a short window, when it might be acted upon. 

I wish I knew exactly what that advice was, but I’m as much in the dark towards direct suggestions as most of my reader’s probably are.  But this card urges me to send the message that there are solutions out there; and while totally new, like the Sage they combine elements of past knowledge with new forward thinking and combining of ancient ideas. 

I also sense that these proposals are going to be met with a very skeptical response from a system unused to drastic changes that it doesn’t feel in control of and that other “white-heads” will try to make the proposals sound “crazy, hasty, unworkable etc.” 

There is even a chance that the ideas will hardly see the light of day, so threatening will they seem to the already established system (and those kept wealthy and powerful by it). 

But, it is there and this is a time when it could leak out – so keep your eyes peeled for obscure stores about new and fantastical seeming ideas for change.  The New Year period is often when such “visions” are put forth, and while may are simply mirages (or hopes) of the well-intentioned, this year there may be a true gem stone flashing in the sunlight if we can only see it through the mid-Winter gloom.

Meanwhile, today is a fantastic day for students, learning of all sorts, taking up new tasks, reading books, honoring the elderly or even baking great-grandmother’s cake recipe with you kids. 

This “quiet” time between one year and the next feels like a “pivot point” going into next year.  What happens in the next few weeks could very well determine the path into (and out of) 2012…

We’ll keep reading the cards to see if we can get further hints as to what may be coming.

That’s your card for today, remember you can get your cards for today or anything by getting a personal reading.

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