Card of the Day – Monday – December 26, 2011

Today’s card is Destruction, and since I wanted to know what issue the card was talking about, I picked two more cards (hoping for destruction of Christmas wrapping paper by cats or something) but got as qualifiers the No Card and Liberation.

While not as dire as they could be, these cards suggest that our brief period of holiday distraction may be ending somewhat early this year, although some of the serious stuff may blessedly stay behind the scenes for a few more days (or even weeks) yet.

The most obvious way to read these cards are:

DESTRUCTION (something destroyed/ended) – No (there will be no) – LIBERATION (freedom, breakout, way out of jail).

I’m tending to read this mostly in terms of the terrible financial mess the Western World is in (yep same old story) brought to you on a giant Monopoly Board with a “there is NO Get out of Jail Free Card” at least on this round.

Without the No Card, you could easily get the opposite meaning, because the Liberation card actually shows a young couple escaping from prison on horse-back and choosing their own path to freedom (ignoring the easier traveled road). 

But with the No card, it give the Liberation card as a warning rather than a promise as in NO-Escape, which is a rather chilling card for what is still a holiday morning here in Europe (St. Steven’s day/Boxing day is a holiday here). 

These cards could also refer to the Great War suggested by the cards (to be in the planning stages) and I get echoes of this too, but the more urgent message feels like the Economy, which is now trapped in a cycle that simply is going to destroy things and entrap, rather than provide Liberation to those caught up in the firestorm.

For individuals, the best thing about these cards is pretty much the warning to stand back and stay out-of-the-way.  When you can’t stop a speeding train, stand clear and don’t lean over onto the tracks!

Of course, individuals can also use this same energy for their own ends, focusing on Destruction as “Creative Destruction” in terms of New Years Resolutions to destroy bad habits, allow “No” excuses for going forwarding and to “Liberate” themselves from unwanted actions or even unwanted objects (such as an early Spring cleaning session). 

But over-all, these cards suggests that although this is normally a pretty quiet week for news, in the background the march towards economic explosion continues with “no” “freedom” in sight…

That’s you card for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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