Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – December 21-25

This weekend’s cards are Work, Peace and The Beauty and are a lovely set of cards to have for the this Holiday weekend.  These cards suggest that while Work (and work-employment) matters will still be foremost on the minds of many people, as they celebrate they will have some temporary “Peace” and respite from the over-all situation.  The Beauty card suggests that this is a time when Beauty can be celebrated and individuals (as well as nations/tribes/Peoples) are given a chance to meditate upon what it is beautiful and peaceful in the world.

I think these cards suggest this is a time when hard work, could bring about various forms of peace and beauty in the world, if people will simply choose to do so.  The message is for the entire world, not just individuals; though it may be harder for nations to change course than it is for individual people to take time to concentrate on lessening conflict in their own lives and appreciating the beauty of family and friends.

Finally, the Work-Peace-Beauty card could be a symbol for a temporary lull in the situation in the EU/Finance/War issues that have been in the cards so much lately.  With most of Europe (and the West) on holiday; the financial markets will be closed, and the “peace” card can by a symbol for inactivity (which I think it may be here).  The “Beauty” card has shown up several times as the EU/Financial situation (usually as false beauty or Pride) which is another reason I think part of this card reading is:

Work (attempts to solve situation) is at Peace (stopped/rest) on the Issue of The Beauty (EU/Banking/Finance/Union).

Which does not mean it will not be continued later, as other cards earlier in the week have suggested that Destiny will keep moving in this are even when a break in focus is taking.

But meanwhile, we can all enjoy that break by focusing our personal “Work” on decorating our homes and making each other happy for a while.  Enjoying the Peace and Beauty of the Season.

So have a great Holiday Weekend whatever your Winter Tradition!

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