Card of the Day – Wednesday December 21, 2011

Today’s card is The Home, a lovely card with the cat on the mat, a table set for tea and a warm fire in the fire-place.  It represents both the ideal physical and spiritual home and is almost always a good card in a personal reading (unless there are issues about home, moving etc).

I think today’s card represents the over-all energy today which for much of the Western World is going to be centered on home and family.  Either actually being at home already or traveling to visit relatives and friends or (voyaging home) as showed up somewhat in yesterday’s cards.

It also signals a retreat from the problems of the outer world, even if yesterday’s cards also suggested that they won’t really go away while we retreat from them.  Nevertheless it is important for people to take time for themselves and their families and the holidays are a perfect time to do so.

This card can also reflect one’s nation as “The Homeland” (as in the Motherland/Fatherland ideas discussed on Monday) and in a world/western world energy reading this could also mean an upswing in nationalism and patriotic fever.  While this is perfectly natural and usually a good thing, the down side may be a tendency to “write off” everyone else who is not from the same “home/home-land.”  Or it its wise aspect, a determination to be self-supporting and NOT to rely on the home/home-land/nation of someone else.

But for most people, I think this card is pretty much what it looks like; a seasonal return to the ideals of home and hearth.  This will be the central issue for most people for the next four or five days; with holiday preparations and rituals of various sorts (even if your personal ritual is going out for Chinese food with your family and ignoring much of the rest). 

So, enjoy this brief respite from the thunder of outside forces, but be careful not to let the “closeness” of family become too smothering.  We want to celebrate our friends and families, not become buried by them (or end up in screaming matches over which channel to watch). 

Over-all this is a very good card and we can continue to hope for good energies being the main energy focus, through the holiday weekend.

Wishing everyone a Happy Winter Solstice today and now I’m off to decorate the Yule Tree myself, before my husband gets the job done totally without me lol!

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your personal cards for today or any day by getting a reading.

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