Card of the Day – Tuesday December 20, 2011

These two cards sort of jumped out of the deck together, so I’m reading them of equal strength today.  While they still indicate moving energies (The Voyage/Exploration/Going somewhere/Travel) the main topic appears to have drifted back to our old friend “Union” which can be either the European Union or sometimes the “Union” of the United States of America.  In this context, it could also involve other international “unions” of various sorts or even “Unions” in terms of treaties and actual employee Unions. 

However, in  all these cases there is an energy that is forcing movement in these areas, stagnation is no longer acceptable to the universe and move in some directions they will; what is not clear is in what directions they are heading.

I feel this particularly strongly with both the EU and to only a slightly dimmer extend the United States; while the energy is likely to dwell on everyone to a degree, I feel these are the areas most impacted by this energy.

Which is interesting, because this is the time of year that Europe usually grinds to a near stop; with most businesses closing for a few days at least and most important meetings put off until early in the New Year.  National assemblies tend to take a Winter Break and the majority of people get a long break between Christmas and New Year; unless the work in some retail or jobs that require 24 hour attention like hospitals. 

So, the implication (to me) is that things will continue to “move/voyage” regardless of where the public (even national) attentions are placed.  On the one hand we can enjoy and celebrate some of the lighter energies, but the underlying problems haven’t really gone away, in fact they continue to develop on their own.

On a side note, yesterdays’  cards about Russia/Former Soviet/Mother  issues, appear to have been partly explained by this headline and story from the UK Independent:

Eugenia Carr: Save my mother, save my mother country

Please click on the headline to read the entire story, but in a nut shell the daughter of Ukraine’s former Prime Minister is both trying to free her mother from jail (where she was sentenced for signing a deal concerning gas from Russia, while in office) and start working in politics herself – working to “save her mother country” as well as her “mother” who was sentenced for ties with Russia.

I don’t think that was all the cards were about, but the news story fits them perfectly and gives a good example of why it can sometimes be difficult to figure exactly how the energy cards are affecting any particular situation, unless something obvious like this turns up in the news (and you happen to see it). 

I also don’t feel this energy has totally left the scene and do wonder if some of the “Voyage/Union” energy will still concern Russia and/or former Soviet bloc countries in next few days?

We shall see, meanwhile for individuals this is fantastic energy for the next day or two.  Moving forward (in a positive direction) with relationships (both romantic and very close ties of all sorts) is indicated – as is moving on from those we may need to put behind us.

Also, holiday travel is indicated in these cards, since most people “voyage” this time of year for family “Unions” of various sorts.  There could be some issues in this area (the often is) but I’m not sensing anything too dark; though given the cards have come up with this as an issue I’d do some careful planning and keep my eyes open if I were traveling (which I’m not).  Hopefully this is just a marker for happy people making their way about to join with others in this festive season.

That’s your cards for the day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading!

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