Card of the Day – Monday December 19, 2011

Finally we are getting some energy changes in the cards, in fact some of this showed up in a reading done by a poster on a forum I frequent which also had the Friendship card as a trend starting on Saturday. 

Today’s main card is the Mother, a card that has only shown up once or twice since the August start of these readings; and it usually symbolizes maternal love, protection and sometimes over-protection in its more negative aspects.  On the card, the Mother sits holding her children close, while the older two also hold on to each other.  Her wicker chair somewhat resembles a throne, with her realm being that of her children and family.

Friendship, on the other hand, is where we reach out from the family (maternal protection) towards making our own ties and alliances.  When we are very small, our parents (especially Mothers) may determine many of our friendships by simply limiting the other children that we meet.  We may not like all of them instantly, but while we may like one more than the others; our choices are still very limited.  As we grow up, our world expands into that of schools, work and recreational activities all of which provide places to find new friends. 

I’m getting some of this sense in the cards, and for some reason I keep getting a pull of “Mother Russia” when I look at the Mother Card.  I in no way think that is all it stands for, I think the pull of maternal energy is strong right now.  Especially this time of year when so many people around the world either celebrate or at least acknowledge the importance of birth/re-birth/mother-hood etc.

The Winter Solstice (along with other Holidays like Christmas, New Years, St. Stephan’s Day, Boxing Day, January 6th etc) has always been a time for families, friends, celebrations and remarkable events; at least back to the time of the Neolithic Tomb builders in Europe and probably long before that.

Mothers play an important role in setting family traditions and friends and friendship are usually an important part of that.  In the past (and to a lesser degree in the present) even entire nations would try to agree to pause conflicts during this time; by the Dark Ages in Europe it was a time period considered most likely to be peaceful in an otherwise war-like age. 

Since my cards read mostly for Europe and North America, it makes perfect sense that this week the energies would be more around Mothers and Friendship this week.

However, while the Mother Russia card is a bit disturbing (especially with the friendship card, which could be friends or former friends/eastern bloc countries) the Scales card is perhaps the most worrying in the context of this reading.

That’s because the Scales card indicates that a decision has yet to be made on what the reading is about.  Things could pretty much “go either way” or “are being held in the balance” that could “tip” at any moment.

So, while for the most part I’m reading these energies as positive, that nagging Mother Russia feeling on the first card also forces me to add an alternate reading to the cards:

Russian Friendship [probably with Europe, but perhaps other allies/former Eastern bloc countries] is being weighed in the balance and the scales could tip either way.

Given that Russia controls some major gas pipe lines and other resources that run through and to various European countries, this could be a wild card to watch out for during this week.  I would also continue to pay attention to this energy going into the New Year, perhaps as far out as early February. 

This could also refer to Russian friendships (or ending of them) outside of Europe as well, including the Middle East (or it could be something that Russia feels compelled to do based on such friendships).

The Mother Card will probably also affect all countries with female identifications this time of year and Russia certainly isn’t the only one, just the one I’m feeling most drawn to in this particular card. 

The United States founded with Lady Liberty also tends towards a female identification as does Britannia for England.  Germany, on the other hand is most certainly a “Father land” and would get different cards; and there are other countries where gender identifications are less well-defined. 

In any case, a very interesting and different energy shift for the start of this week (which really probably started on Saturday even though I wasn’t reading the cards that day). 

Things are shifting around and the EU/Finance question is still bound to be very important but it may no longer be the only issue “stuck” on the energy “mind” for the present. 

It will be interesting to see over the coming days if there is a total shift or a see-saw back and forth between the major energies for a while yet.

Meanwhile, as always, individuals can use these cards to their advantage and these are great cards for the average person.  A great day for nurturing, friends and making important decisions.

Those are your card(s) for today, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading!

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