Card of the Day – Weekend Edition Dec 16-18, 2011

Well, today’s (weekend) cards remind me a bit of an US children’s Game called The Eight Ball. It was a supposed fortune-telling device shaped like an eight ball (only much larger) that you could shake and the “answer” to your message would come up, usually a simple yes or no.  If one played with the ball for more than five minutes, a smart child soon realized that the answers were totally random and would answer both yes and no to the same question.  Instead of an eight ball, we are now using the more “real” system of psycards but appear (on the surface anyway) to be getting that same sort of nonsensical yes/no reading.

But, when I look closer, I’m not so sure it does not make sense in answer to my usual question to the cards, which is “please allow me to choose the cards that will show the most important energy(s) working in the World (especially North America and Europe) for today (or the weekend)?”

Look at in that context, I think these cards are saying:

No or Yes to the [survival/structure/continuation] of the [European]Union.

Since the US is also a Union of States, this could alternatively or inclusively be read as

No or Yes to the [survival/structure/continuation]of the Union [as in old name for the Northern States in the Civil war or United States]

These are not mutually exclusive and both could be correct; though I think the main theme for the weekend will be the continued scramble in the EU with No or Yes being the big question.

What we don’t have in these cards (and haven’t really had yet anyway) is an answer, as in Yes or No to the over-all situation.  I suspect that is because while this looks like a simple question, it really isn’t.

There are any number of ways something like the EU could continue [Yes card] but would result in such a radically restructuring it would no longer really be the same organization except in name [No card].  Or it may simply not yet be totally decided which way the scales are going to tip; since the continued existence of both the EU and the Euro are not totally within the control of the Europeans themselves anymore. 

What these cards do tell us is that this continues to be the main theme for the weekend, along with over-tones that blow back towards that other Union in the United States. 

The spotlight is going to be on both places, but the EU situation will probably stand out for now.

At some point, enough pieces and decisions will have been made that the cards are likely to reflect one position (no or yes) over the other – but right now things are still being held in the balance.  Not an easy place, or a very safe one either…

Once again, for individuals not a bad weekend; though trying to make firm decisions may prove difficult especially ones concerning romance and married life.  The Yes Dear, No Dear energy is going to be at work as well; so be cautious to actually listen to your partner when they speak to you; the energy will make it all too easy to blow them off with unexpected consequences. 

Despite vacillation on questions (both minor and serious) the Union card almost always carries some wonderful energies that people can use, including the union of self, the union with others, and even the “union” of a better home-work-life balance

The two streams coming together to form one are an idealized example of the “perfect” marriage in all its forms from physical to mental to spiritual love.  It isn’t just about “marriage” as the coming together of two people, but also the gathering of ideas to make a new concept or theory.

So a good weekend for dating, relationships, meditation and even scientific postulation.  Just not a very good time for making a final decision on anything important if you can avoid it.

That’s your cards for this weekend, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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