Card of the Day – Thursday-December 15, 2011

Today’s card is the Moon, this is the card of hidden secrets, imagination, hidden knowledge and dreams made manifest.  It can be a very good card in terms of things coming out into the open or for personal creativity (especially for artists).  On a world/western world energy ready I suspect this has a bit of both good and not-so-good aspects for today and going into the weekend.

For one thing, I really feel that “secrets revealed” part of this card will be a strong influence over the next few days; problems may not be “solved” by these revelations, but a certain amount of the “why” questions may start to become obvious, at least for those with the eyes to seem them. 

I think this is particularly true in the case of the current financial muddle that has been on-going in the these cards since I started the readings in August.  I also suspect that some secrets about past wars and the current build up, may also start to leak out as a secondary (but no less important story).  Finally, I’m once again getting a flash on Japan and do have to wonder if more of the downplayed information will start to really impact on people and/or yet another batch of information will leak out/be released? 

Often, this card, like the crab pictured on it; has data seeming to crawl out of the depths of the sea and in the case of Japan, it may quite literally start to do that.  I hope this is not the case, but this is some of the feeling I’m getting.

On the other hand, this is a time when “Dreams” or “Imagination” can quite literally come true.  So it is another of those pivot points where people with strong imaginations and vivid dreams may be able to impact the current world landscape more than they usually would.  This includes everything from main stream artists/entertainers to visionary leaders and leaders of movements. 

Religion could even come into play here, I’m feeling that tug but not exactly sure how to read it.  But look for religious inspired “solutions” or “suggestions” coming into focus over the next few days, they may not all be practical and some may be down-right dangerous; but they should not be dismissed out of hand either as some may have true visionary value when applied to the current world situation (especially financial/war outlook). 

Meanwhile, for individuals, a very good day if used wisely a good day for artists, dreamers, uncovering the past (including family history), meditation, imaginative planning, taking projects from the planning stages to the practical ones, fishing, and mystery novels. A really, really good day for writers and other imaginative types:  writer’s block may end suddenly and finally a good day for psychic experiences including readings.

Just watch out for the other aspect of this card, which can be delusion and even madness (as in lunacy).  Again, not such a worry for individuals though the caution is there, but for the world a real and ever-present warning….

That’s your cards for today, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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