Card of the Day – Wednesday December 14, 2011

Today’s Card is The Tower, a fine strong building built on a mountain top, it has thick walls and battlements, but lacks and obvious draw bridge or door to go in and out.  It may have one that we can’t see, but from the position on the card there does not appear to be one. 

The Tower is usually a card of strong personal defenses in an individual reading which can be good (strong sense of self and protection) or difficult (person putting up walls between themselves and others).  Since it is NOT the destruction card in this deck, I prefer to think of this card as the Castle Card, though like the Tower card, no Castle is totally safe.  Though they can be extremely difficult to take by direct force, even in their hey day they were almost always either taken either by starving the inhabitants out (often took years) or by traitors from within (or just desperate, starving people who were bribed to open the gates). 

Castles are so strong, they can lead to the illusion that nothing can destroy them and they will last for all time.  Many people in the Middle Ages felt this way, especially after castles change from being built-in wood to heavy stone.  But it only took about three generations for gun powder cannons to become strong enough to take down those walls and make castles obsolete as defensive sanctuaries.  In the end, it took a totally new weapon to bring them down, but tumble-down they did.  Often the cannons could not completely destroy them, but they could make the unsafe to live in and bring down enough of the tower walls to make leave them open to direct attack.

So, castles went from being a mostly military structure to simply elaborate and uncomfortable houses for the wealthy elites of the day.  Ones they quickly left behind for elaborate manor houses and places when they could, leaving the family castle to either run to ruin or be used as a show-piece when a powerful display was required. 

I’m writing this bit of castle history in order to explain my basic take on today’s cards.  By itself alone, the Castle appears to be strong, but in a personal reading can also mean a person has boxed themselves in too far from others.  Combined with the Cave (depression) card, I would read this for a client that they were sad partly because they were lonely and had become so by walling themselves off from others.

In a World-Energy/Western-Energy focused reading, I think this directly refers to the EU situation again (along with the other “great” economic blocks) because the EU has built itself what seemed to be a strong and mighty fortress; one that nothing could really capture or threaten.  They were so certain of having the final and ultimate solution that they built without an obvious door (exit) in case things went terrible wrong from within.

Now, the great Tower is withdrawing (the Cave) and some of those trapped inside (like the UK) are depressed and trying to withdraw even further – up to an including the castle itself.

Also, there is another simpler message that may be going on:

The Tower will have a Depression

In this, I think the Tower may be bigger than just the EU itself, but also includes most of the Western Economies including North American and possibly even hitting some of the Pacific region, though not as harshly.  I’m getting a glimpse of folks “Down Under” being wary and concerned around their Christmas Barbie both this year and even more the next. 

So, once again the cards don’t exactly provide new information, but suggest that the energy for actual economic decline and with drawl (aka Cave/Depression) is right at the door step. 

It is unlikely, based on the recent cards, that the attempts by the EU (and the US) to shore up their monetary problems are actually going work, at least for the short-term.

Meanwhile, for individuals; remember this is an in-ward focused day; to avoid Depression, use that cave energy to withdraw to your own Tower in a useful and positive way.  If you find yourself feeling unusually depressed or sad, it is not just you, it is partly the days energy.  Directly confront in and try to move it towards concentration on intentional with-drawl into meditation, reading, quiet family activities rather than becoming overwhelmed with fear or sorrow.  You’ve still got your personal tower (yourself) to watch out for, the energies today will try to bring on despair but you can choose to turn that towards rest and re-gaining your mental, spiritual and physical strength, instead.

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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