Card of the Day Monday December 12, 2011

Today’s card is NOW, and since I wanted to know “now what?” I pulled two qualifier cards and got The Tree and Union. 

Just one glance at these cards is enough to tell me the main world/western Energy focus is still on the European Union (Union Card), though we really didn’t need cards to tells us that one.  However, I think the energy change that began before the weekend is focused on the Tree, which is usually the foundation and branches of someone/something.  In this case, I think the “Tree” has been disrupted or is in danger of losing branches (being pruned back?) by the UK decision to not opt in the proposed new treaty.

This event is in fact happening right now, the Prime Minister of England being about to speak on the subject as I’m writing this.  Only time will tell if this “split” is the real start of a “pruning” or not, because negotiations are ongoing.  But I think the cards indicate the energy is there for some either Tree Pruning or Tree Rooting; but the outcome is still a wild card at this point. 

The Now card also indicates that things may continue to be stuck for a few more days and/or until the urgent question of the Tree is sorted.  I’m also sensing a pivot points in terms of more than one branch of this tree; the urgent problem for the EU is the UK, but it may be followed by others.

However, the energy out there today is not all bad, in fact taken on its own it is much better than it has been for a while.  The Now card is also a card of harvest (what is planted in Spring is harvested now for good or ill) The Tree is the card of firm foundations, the Tree of Life, the Tree of the Family Line, Strong Roots etc., etc.. and Union card is more often the Lovers Card (marriage, love, choices) than a symbol for an economical/political organization.

So, for many people today can be a day of good harvest, being well grounded (rooted) and there for others (Union).  This is a good day to enjoy the fruits of your labors, to plan an orchard (or garden), to spend time with spouse or family. 

Thankfully, on their own; all of these cards are quite positive and upbeat; it is only when matching them to previous cards that we see the same macro-issue and less pleasant aspects.  Individuals have no need to concentrate on this, except as interesting input towards how they can cope if they are living in an area affected by EU or work in the Global Finance Industry. 

Keeping alert for news is a good thing, but letting the negative aspects of today’s energy rule you is not, so be aware of Now, The Tree and Union today but celebrate their best qualities in your own life.

That’s your card(s) for today, remember you can get your cards for today or any day by getting a reading.

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