Card of the Day – Weekend Edition Dec 9-11,2011

Welcome back to Card of the Day – or in the Case of Friday, Cards of the Weekend. 

I am very sorry not to have posted anything yesterday except a brief notice around midnight, but while Ireland did not have winds as strong as parts of Scotland, the weather was bad enough to knock out the Internet for much of the day and the signal wasn’t very good even once it was sorted.  So, as occasionally happens, no cards were pulled for yesterday, though spreads by other readers suggest not the energy still had not changed all that much from earlier in the week.

So, I think that Wednesday’s Fool Card, really signaled a new attempt at trying to solve the same problem rather than a true new start, at least as far as our main story about the European Union is concerned. 

That’s because today’s cards seem to show the same patterns at play (Prison, Union) but once again the Stranger card shows up, this time in the middle of the problem/situation/solution.

This time, the Stranger may be the “new” not-a-treaty being muffled about today in the main stream media that supposedly nine of the twenty-seven countries have signed up to. 

I was unable to get any specific information as to which nine countries this was, despite searching web-sites and watching the local news before doing this blog post.  This tells me that things are still rather “Strange” or “Strained” and that the UK refusal to go along with things may be just the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to complications and problems with it.

Also, both the last time this card came up (in probably relation to the EU) and this time; there are rumors about China perhaps helping out in some fashion.  So-far, these are both rumors, but the Stranger card does suggest a new element at play here, which could be either the new “agreement” itself and/or a new person/nation coming into the equation. 

Funny enough, my gut is telling me that a look towards Russia rather than China may not go amiss.  Perhaps including some of the former Eastern Block countries formally part of the EU – that may be both the source of the Stranger/Strange energy and a potential problem waiting to blow up.  It isn’t certainly yet, but it is worrying.

Of course, there is about a 10 percent chance that this cards are in “good” phase and the “Stranger” frees the “Union” so that it can become a real “Union” (which again could be a good or bad outcome depending on your political point of view). 

For the moment, I think the Stranger is still somewhat a Stranger and not totally known at this point in time, but the Prison/Union combination really stands out for me; but only time will tell on this one.

Finally, for individuals, they can take the 10 percent reading of Stranger (New Energy/thought/focus) helps break out of unwanted patterns (Prison).  The Stranger card can also be the Unknown sides of the self/person/mind/soul so that breaking that Prison can result in a greater Unity of Self/Soul/Mind/Individual which is a good thing.

So once again cards that may be kind of dire on the world-wide (or Western-word) side of things, can be used for great growth by the individual person who works with the energies of the day/weekend.

That’s your cards for this weekend, hopefully see you back on Monday weather permitting.

Until then, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading!

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