Card of the Day – Wednesday – December 7, 2011

Today’s card is The Fool, or New Beginnings, which suggests a possible but not certain shift in the over-all world energy pattern.  I have to say a possible shift, because while this card has a primary reading of starting a new cycle/task it also has other aspects such as “acting foolish,” “being distracted/without forethought” or even “rushing in and over a cliff.” 

Many decks have the Fool about to walk over a cliff, where as this one prefers to show his house on the cliff, which is he is walking away from – he may be walking towards a bright new road, or right into a very large tree.  He can’t really tell because he is so busy listening to his own music that he really isn’t paying attention to anything around him.

This is the danger signal of this card, while there is nothing long with listening to music or charting your own course; when people/tribes/nations do this without paying attention to what is going on around them at the same time; they may find themselves off the cliff or smashed into the tree trunk. 

So this card on a world-wide (especially Western-World) reading, probably signifies a multi-national determination to keep walking on forward on a certain path, deliberately or unintentionally blinded to the consequences.  This is probably a combination energy reading on both the continuing build up to war (with some nations like Iran just continuing to do their own thing, no matter what) and the current EU/Western economic crises (see Monday’s Cards). 

On the second issue, the Fool Card suggests strongly that the EU is likely to come up with a plan that looks like a “New Start” this week (or this time period).  At this point, a single card reading is not enough to determine if it will work or not, but it does suggest that the plans may be made that ignore the reality of the actual situation, the Fool doesn’t really care about facts, he’s going his way on the highway with his car stereo turned up too loudly to hear any distant waterfalls that might alert him to the cliff he’s about to walk off of. 

This does not mean the “new plan” is totally worthless, just that with the Fool as its symbol it may have a number of clashes with reality before it can have any real effect, and some of those effects are probably unintended consequences. 

Fools (and children) are fun to have around, especially when they are the Wise Fool who entertains us with his refreshing sense of wonder at everything new in the world.  But they can become dangerous if they play their pipes and lead other children or nations into blindly following them down the garden path without even a road map or guideposts. 

Even a Holy Fool may not make the best leader for an international crises and the my gut tells me the Fools involved in this current mess are neither Wonder-filled nor Holy.

So, for individuals, today is both a day to avoid listening to Pipers playing tunes that sound too good to be true (the probably are) but a good day to start thinking about new projects.  A great day for letting you day-dreams run wild, just don’t make final plans on them just let; use today to let the mind soar, but wait a day or two for the practicalities to settle in.

A wonderful day for starting new journey’s, already-planned projects, playing/interacting with children, imagination, creativity and music.

A good day even to enjoy a light-hearted movie with family and friends, or a concert that you really enjoy.

Just be careful not to get caught up in those being “foolish” around you and tap into the energy and wonder of the “Wise-fool” instead. That way, you can have a really great day today, no matter how those in power decide to use the energy. 

Also, this is a much brighter and clearer energy than that of the last two days; so people should start perking up a bit and be a tad less negative.  Something to look forward to, and greatly welcomed.

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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