Card of the Day – Tuesday Decmeber 6, 2011

Today’s card, The Beast, is exactly the same as Yesterday’s Card, we can be certain of this because I used a different psychical deck of Psy Cards when picking today’s card.  This was to be absolutely certain in these troubled times, that whatever card I picked, was not because the deck had become physically or psychically “stuck” (either can and does happen sometimes). 

Sadly, yesterday’s BEAST is still the main energy of the day, which means at the very least that the world-financial mess, especially in Europe, is likely to be the main “theme” for much of today’s news.  The other major thread is likely to be anything involving strong emotions, such as stories about people “loosing it” with each other, up to and including nations preparing for war.

For a more complete discussion of this card, please CLICK HERE to review yesterday’s reading; because this seems one of those rare times when the energy itself is completely “stuck” for more than 24 hours, with not even a similar energy floating up to take its place.

As I mentioned yesterday, The Beast Card symbolizes all the dark, deep and hidden emotions that we all keep inside of us and we would not be human if there were not there.  While this card is mostly a “bad” card, in the sense that usually it means these emotions are about to “break out” and even the furry of a two-year old’s tantrum can be quite daunting for those having to watch.  When teenagers, adults, or entire countries do it; it can really get disturbing and scary.

There can, be rare occasions when this card is a “good” card; and actually I’m sensing a bit of this coming up in today’s reading.  While most of this card is about anger, hate, rage and even jealousy; I’m getting a feeling also of “righteous anger,” the sort of deep-seated emotions that a person/tribe/nation may feel in the face of injustice and wrong.  While this is not the entire meaning of the card, and again I think most of it is both the financial crises and possible war/violence breaking out, that theme is certainly starting to feel “right” as well.

When faced with a devouring “Beast” sometimes the best response is to stand and fight, other times it is best to run or just try to hide and get out of the way.  I think all of these reactions will come into view as this week progresses.

So look for continued stories in the main-stream media about both the economic mess and war; but also for “justified angry” responses.  If too angry, even justified responses may not be very helpful, but they will be different from the simple “lashing out” usually associated with the Beast Card. 

Also look for a lot of attempts at both media distractions and for stories about people “distracting” themselves in various ways.

For individuals, like yesterday, this is a day to be careful of others and not be surprised if those around you are walking around on a rather short fuse and/or you have one yourself.  It isn’t just You, it is the Energy of the Day that is affecting everyone and everything to a greater or lesser extent.

Knowing this, even if the “main” energy calls for warfare, you can school yourself to meditate and practice peace; at least in your personal public and private life.  If millions of people were to be aware and do this, it could easily change the very energy of the day into something easier to cope with.  Even the Warrior Card, with his rather violent connects is preferable to The Beast, his preferred stance is that of DEFENDER, rather than aggressor; where as the Beast is AGGRESSION made manifest (usually along with his other aspects of uncontrolled rage and fiery out-bursts). 

So, take care today, once again be kind to yourself and others, and take time to walk more with your intentions then your actual feelings today.  To totally ignore feelings leads to the Beast breaking out when least expected, but to expose them on a day like this is not the safest of options either.

This is a powerfully “active” card but not in a good way, one of the best ways to counter-act this activity is to focus on quiet tasks and restful activities as much as possible. 

Most of all, try not to react to the tantrums of others, instead deflect their impact when possible or simply walk away when you can.  If no other response is possible, simple silence is better than returning harsh words today; leave that for “Warrior” energy days when combat (both verbal and physical) can be more focused and effective.

That’s your card for today!

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