Card of the Day – Monday Dec 5, 2011

Today’s Card is The Beast, which is the deep, inner, usually raging emotions that everyone has inside, but people try not to express in public.  We would not be human if we didn’t have them, but part of the child’s journey from baby to adulthood is learning how to cope with them, express them when appropriate, but keeping them in check most of the time.

Since this is a word-energy reading (or at least Western World reading) I wanted a couple of qualifying cards to see who/where/what the Beast energies might be or were being expressed by.  I got the Tower/Castle Card and the Liar; and while the Castle Card can be a good card (firm foundations) it can also be an illusion of strength (castles built on sand or in the air); the Liar card is almost never a good card and indicates a false-hood and/or that someone/something is not as it seems.  The Joker dances in front of the curtain, hoping that the audience will not look behind him and see what may hiding there.

These three cards, together with the energies for the past several weeks; suggest that the major theme of today (and this week, being Monday’s card) will continue to be the ongoing economic situation in the European Union.  Not because the Union itself is The Beast (though it may be starting to act like one) but because the Liar Card (and sometimes the Castle) have come up repeatedly as images associated with this problem. 

When reading cards, context is very important and when energy cards repeat close together in time, they are usually symbols for the same problem(s) or sorts of problems.

However, I do think that the Beast card does signal a possible energy change around the European/US financial crises and that is a growing sense of ANGER, RAGE and FEAR that may be building up.  This Anger/rage/fear may have been simmering beneath the surface for a while, but today the energies are all set for it to start breaking out in a big way.  This emotional blast, may make it difficult for rational decision-making to take place and could lead to sudden and desperate measures on the part of the nations/tribes/Peoples involved directly in the situation.

The energy is also there for the general public to react with intense emotional responses that may shock or take the Powers that Be by surprise and storm.

The Beast Card does not mean these things WILL happen, but the explosives energies are such that they COULD.  I suspect The Beast card energy is going to continue on for the rest of the week, though today is an especially dangerous day for him to be unleashed. 

People (and Nations) are going to start to react to the “lies” about the “strong-castles” they have come to depend on.  Even though most people “know” there are problems with finance, banks, economies, employment etc; this may be the week that they start to understand just how powerful and nasty the problems really are (to them personally).  It may prove to be a lot more than even a painful period of unemployment if things really continue down their present course (and that is bad enough to ruin life for a lot of people on its own). 

But I’m sense more the “rage of nations” in this Beast, and it is never a good thing when Nations get Mad at each other.  This energy may also play out in the other major theme of the last two months, the possible march towards a “Great War,” since the cards have indicated a possible economic “motive” for that as well, these ideas are not mutually exclusive but may actually be working “together” to work the Beast/Dragon into a fit of fire-breathing rage.

Meanwhile, for individuals, I won’t be trite and say this is a good energy day either.  Rather, realize there is a lot of energy outside of yourself right now that is going to make it easy for you and others around you; to become easily angry, fearful, jealous and tempted towards deception over revealing the truth. 

Knowing these energies are out there, you can make a deliberate choice not to play in to them yourself as much as possible and try to deflect or avoid them when they are directed at you.  This would not be a good day to sign contracts and if they can’t be avoided be very careful to read all the fine print (beware deception), not a good day to make investment decisions or if you must read fine print and beware of human greed.  A terrible day for a first date or entering into a new business partnership for the first time, and a dangerous one for even strong relationships of all sorts.

Again, knowing this is a dicey time; be kind to your family, spouse and friends; and aware at work that people may be grumpy, out-of-sorts and not sure why.  Just try to be kind, but on the other hand I’d avoid over-doses of Holiday “Cheer” until later in the week.  Hopefully the energies will be better by then, at least for individuals.

Days with mostly negative energies (like this one) are quite rare, as most cards (and most days) have equally good and bad aspects; it is how we choose to use them that makes them what they are.  But some days, the best strategy may be just be as kind and as careful of yourself and others as possible: this looks like on of those days.

Hopefully we can look forward to creating a better tomorrow…

That’s the Card (s) of the Day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day, by getting a reading.

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