Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Dec 2 – 4, 2011

Quick reading this morning as I’m on my way out the door and I will update later over the weekend, if needed.

The basic cards are The Union, The Beauty and The Home – yesterday’s cards, also focused on the Beauty and you can go back and read a longer explanation of why I thought that in world-energy terms she was probably the EU and with her being next to the Union card this time, I’m even more certain of it.

Actually, I’m not even sure which card is first in this reading as both Union and The Beauty “fell out” slipped out of my hands and fell onto the keyboard at the same time.  I re-shuffled the cards for the final one and got the Home, a card that most often symbolizes a personal spiritual or physical home, in a world-wide reading this can be either read as the homes of the population, a nation and/or The Earth as Our Home (aka The World Herself).

My quick reading of this, based on the previous weeks’ cards is that the EU situation/world financial crises will still be big news this week and it will begin to further dawn on people, that this situation could affect them in their homes.  I’m also getting a strong sense that people all over the Western World may feel a strong pull this weekend towards things having to do with their own home-lives.  They may feel a need to seek out the comfort of home and family, and look away from the outer news for a while and sit by the relative safety of their own hearth-fires.

Since there are no directly negative cards together with it, I think this temporary focus on the home, is probably a very good thing.  A time for reflection and relief from the outside world is aways welcome.

On a personal level, these energies are fantastic!  The Union and the Beauty together are a wonderful card for relationships, proposals, marriages, treaties, business contracts etc. A great day to think about new adventures and wonderful weekend to do things with your partner, though probably rather close to home than far off adventures.

The home is also one of my favorite cards in this deck, the lovely table set with hot tea, the lovely fire and the kitty asleep on the mat really symbolize to me what a home is, or at least who I would like it to be.

Also a good weekend for spiritual path workings, especially looking for a “spiritual home” like checking out a new place of worship or meditation.

Those are your cards for this weekend, remember you can get your personal cards by ordering a reading.

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