Card of the Day – Thursday December 1, 2011

Today’s Card is The Beauty with The Stranger and The Liar as qualifier cards.  Once again I had intended to pull just one card, but the Beauty has show up fairly often recently, and often with qualifiers that change the usual meaning of the card.  So, I re-shuffled and the two other cards are pulled confirmed my hunch that as was “not as it seems” (which is also part of the Liar Card, but we’ll get there in a minute).

First off, to review; the Beauty Card is a young women seeing herself in the mirror for the first time and realizing she is lovely and worthy of love.  Most of the time, this is a good card, the card of healthy self-esteem, the sort of card you want someone to pull if they are coming out a messy relationship or maturing in some way.

Unfortunately this card (like all cards) does have some darker aspects, and with the Beauty these include pride, self-absorption, inflated ego (usually at the expense of others) and even a desire to control (often with beauty or personality) the fates of others.  Think of Miss Scarlett wrapping her little finger around her the menfolk in her life trying to twist them in the way she wishes to go, she’s even willing to steal her sister’s boyfriend if she thinks it will help her goals.  But as most Scarletts find out eventually, there is often a Stranger, a handsome devil like Rett that can rush into her life, sweep her off her feet and right into what ever tangle of promises and lies he cares to invent for her. 

That’s exactly how I’m reading these cards right now, once again we have the EU/World financial crises as the Beauty with the Handsome stranger (aka Rett) who comes rushing in making all sorts of promises that “All is Well,” he seems to be a combination of moves by the US Federal Reserve, group of international banks and simply a lot of media hype.  Ms. Scarlett knows better, she knows this all sounds too good to be true, but she just can’t help herself as she falls into Rett’s arms (stock markets rise, the media gets all excited) as she ignores the deep warnings of her inner-self (those experts that have no agenda other than truth).  Sadly Rett may mean well, he is probably saying to himself that “this time” he’s going to stick around and that “this time it will all work out between us.” 

The wise audience however (the observant public and historians) have seen this movie before and many have even read the book.  They know that Rett is lying, even to himself and that his assistance and partnership is based on false promises that he simply has no way of keeping.  Not only is his own heart to fickle to totally love anyone, constant exposure to Ms. Scarlett has also taught Rett that the only person she really loves (Beauty) is Herself.  The more Rett gives, the more Ms. Scarlett is ready to take and then some. 

The wise audience knows it will all end in tears with Rett stomping off the stage with his former lady love’s tearful pleas about what will happen to her.  We all know how that ends, because in the long run well..

Rett simply doesn’t give a ….you know what, at least not anymore.

We never get to see if Ms. Scarlett really goes back to Tara or not (second books and movies aside), we know she has plans to pick herself up and do this but we really don’t know. 

And there’s the larger question, is Tara even still there for her is she does (European nations go back to managing their own currencies?)…

I think that question is still up in the air, and that so far Rett is still dancing to Ms. Scarlett’s tune, they both are hiding things from each other and lying to each other.  They are both hoping that neither will take their eyes away from the song and dance show and really look for the man behind the curtain on the Liar card. 

However, at some point there will, I think that yesterday’s peace card, was a temporary stop in the ongoing dance.  A lull, while Rett sent Scarlett a big bunch of roses and she accepted them and his promises; right back into her life.  This only buys time because the roses come from a dead and broken bush, one that can’t possibly live to  cheer up the room for long.

But for a little while the Beauty feels lovely, loved once more; too bad she can’t see what is about to happen in the next scene…

To be continued…….

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