Card of the Day – Wednesday November 30,2011

Well, today’s card, Peace gives us a welcome relief from all the doomy and gloomy cards that we’ve had with us most of the last few weeks.  The Peace card hold the pictures of a beautiful cathedral, with stained glass and light coloring the floor with its reflections.  Sweeping arches add a feeling of space and freedom, this is one of the most enchanting cards in the deck.

Most often a good card, it mainly symbolizes a period of peace and/or peace and quiet.  It can also be the “calm before the storm,” or sometimes “stasis” when nothing seems to be moving.

For a world-wide energy reading, I’m inclined to read this card two ways today – one the energies may be taking a breather and giving everyone a bit of space before the next round (aka the calm before the storm) and also that there really are some real energy opportunities out there for people/tribes/nations to take towards peace (at least locally) and/or the ending (or lulls) in particular conflicts.

The other issue I’m sensing is this is the time when the lines between peace and war will be decided.  Right now,  despite everything (including the US vocally declaring it is “at war”) in reality the world is relatively peaceful compared to say 1943 or 1917.

What the US/NATO is really doing is engaging in a number of military “adventures” that future historians may look upon as various aspects of colonial empire building.  That’s not being critical, just an observation; in day-to-day reality those “wars” while they affect the lives of individual military members and their families a great deal (as well as those in the nations engaged in conflict) they are not truly an all out “hot-war” where everyone’s homeland is seen to be at risk.

But in an over-all sense, most people in the Western-World (the face of the Planet I view when picking a card) especially North of the Equator is more or less peaceful, most of the time and has been for around 50 years now.  This has been punctured with brief outbreaks of local madness, but the over-all theme has been peaceful and a gradual improvement in lifestyles as a result.  You now have to talk to people in their 60’s to find people with memories of War-time Childhoods (from WWII) and in their 80’s to find those who lived through these times as adults.

That means most of the people alive in these places have no direct experience of local wars (with a few exceptions like parts of Eastern Europe or Northern Ireland) for them, Peace is normal and wars are far away places you send soldiers too, not something that sends you to a basement bomb shelter several nights a week.

I really feel this card is part of that “tipping point” where Peace still exists and could continue to exist if the right decisions are made.  This is a bit of a lull time when nations/tribes/leaders could sit back and pull themselves away from the brink of what they are obviously (from previous cards and daily headlines) planning to try to pull off and make happen for reasons they think are beneficial for themselves and their self-directed “goals”.

I have grave doubts that they will take this alternative path of peacefully going forward, but it is being set there before them as a possible route and only future history will be see what folks in positions of political power will choose to do with it.

Meanwhile, for individuals, this is a fantastic card: a passive rather than an active energy card it calls for inner more than outer work today.  A great day for meditation, taking time to experience beauty in all its forms, religious worship of your choice (including prayer), art (especially personal artistic expression) and a celebration of light (such as lighting Yule candles and lights).

Peace is also a pretty universal maker (in the West) for the Winter Solstice Season when the words “Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men” are shouted and sung in many languages.  I think the card is picking up on this as we move into the official Yule Season tomorrow, I can’t think of a better card to start it out with.

So, remember to light your candles and celebrate the light that drives away the darkness (and you can do this even if you live Down Under and there’s still plenty of light and warmth for the Yuletide barbaque on the Beach lol).

Meanwhile, that’s your card of the day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by ordering a reading.

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