Card of the Day – Tuesday Novemember 29, 2011

Well, today I only intended to pull one card, but when I picked the Fool out of the deck, The Stars card was firmly attached to the back.  So, I’m going with the flow of the cards again and presenting both of them together and of equal weight.

So that means today has two main world-energies at play, The Fool and the Stars together playing off of each other.  The Fool is the energy for New Beginnings, a New Cycle, Inattention and being so absorbed in what you’re doing that you can walk right off the cliff.  The Stars card on the other hand is not a card of self-absorption but rather a card of cosmic connections, with the lines forming between the Stars to form order out of what previously was just dots and chaos. 

On a world (or at least Western World) scale I think these two cards represent the current economic/war situation with the Fool being the forces just pushing along blindly to their most logical conclusion (because the folks at the top are so intent on listening to their own music they don’t really see the dangers where they are going) vs. the Stars which is the amazing ability of the human mind to form and create patterns where previous none were obvious.  Where as the Holy Fool is Simple and Obvious,  and Unpretentious; The Stars are Complex, easily obscured by clouds and can be viewed differently from many angles. 

I also think there is a certain amount of “what looks ‘Obvious’ in terms of world events today, may actually not be as simple as it seems on the surface.  Those with closed minds, can continue to drown out the real issues by listening to their own tunes and just walking merrily forward without much paying attention to their surroundings; those with more open ones may be amazed at the connections they will start forming if they open their eyes, put down their flutes for a moment and look up to see the Stars and the Patterns they are presenting. 

There is also the caution of the “false connection” which is one of the darker meaning of the Stars Card, along with the Fool Energy, it could be very easy today, for patterns of illusion to be created as well as those of reality.

What I’m not absolutely sure about is exactly what pattern the Stars are hoping we will pick up on today, but this may be more obvious as the week progresses and we have more cards and more events to plug in-between the star-paths. 

Finally on an individual level, as always these cards have some very good aspects for those who grab on to them.  The Fool Card provides a perfect day for new ventures, relaxation and even musical activities.  The Stars represent making new connections at home, work and even in your love life.  They also suggest that problems you’re facing may suddenly make more sense and perhaps be a bit easier to cope with (at least you understand them better).

Finally, both these cards represent different but related points on the “Soul’s Journey” towards enlightenment, the Fool being the place where everyone starts out: New, Fresh and Open to whatever comes to pass. 

While the Stars represent a later stage when what has come to pass begins to come together in a pattern that the Soul can understand, comprehend and make sense out of. 

Both are important steps towards the learning of wisdom:  The Fool because if we never start our journey it will not take place, and the Stars because Wisdom can only be obtained after we gain some  understanding of our experiences. 

That’s the Cards of the Day-remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by ordering a reading.

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