Card of the Day – Monday Nov 28, 2011

Well, this is a rather scary way to start out the week’s world-wind energy reading!  Sometimes the cards come on in a way that is both obvious and rather disturbing at the same time and this is certainly one of those times!

To break this down, the First card I pulled was Death, or in this deck the barrow mound.  The place of retreat, the place of burial but also the site of the honored ancestors.  The place where the living can go and commune with their spirits and mediate on the lessons learned and passed on from them, also a place of vision and madness.  There’s a tradition here in Ireland that if you go sit on a “fairy hill” (usually an ancient burial mount) for an entire night, you will find in the morning that you now have the gift of great inspiration, or that you have gone totally mad (as in insane). 

The Great Harper and Composer Turlough O’ Carolan was said to have done this as a young man and his haunting music is some of the best harp music ever written (and has a very “fey” quality to it).  But we don’t know about the numerous others who may have tried the same trick, those who were inspired lived on to tell the tale, but those who brought home madness instead were lost to history and themselves.

I mention this story because given the other two cards: Prison and The Warrior, my feeling is these cards most likely mean that the Death of Something/Someone(s), will Prison(Trap) the world (or at least the west) into a Warrior Response (The Warrior).  The story suggests that while once in a great while, the results of war may be inspired (or indeed necessary) most of the time the results are Madness, at least on the part of the leaders and often the leader’s involved. 

This reading could partly be about the situation brewing in Pakistan as well, suggesting that the “accidental” deaths their of Pakistani troops are setting the stage for another Prison/Trap war in the Middle East

If this does happen, I think it is also part of a much larger meme we’ve been picking up in the cards for some time now.

And since the cards pick up energies (rather than direct facts) and they make things more likely, I would also suggest that the “Death” may also be that of the Western Economic system (or Collapse of the Euro) which may also lead to entrapment and war.  I think both outcomes are likely but the Pakistan situation is more urgent right now. 

My gut feeling is that there is still a chance this can be averted, but the window is closing quickly.  The window if for the direct situation in Pakistan as a flash point, not the “war” as a whole as that has been coming up far too often in the cards and may at this point be pretty much unavoidable at some level.  But Pakistan in particular as a battle ground could be changed by human decision, much lays in the balance this week.

As to the Death card also being part of the general economic situation, again I don’t know that the Euro/Dollar/Currency (or even stock market) is literally “destined to die” this week, but this week is likely to continue to see the situation as very grave and fear of it may lead to other problems; up to and including the distraction of warfare

To sum up, a very intense start to the week as far as the cards are concerned, a good week for individuals to sit back and watch the news, but take care of themselves as best they can.  What you can’t control, try to avoid and remember that there are some very dramatic and volatile energies out there. 

Try to respond by limiting the drama in your own life as much as possible, if arguments start, try to bow out gracefully rather than continuing.  Try for negotiations rather than stalemates and be as observant as possible of your own emotional life and your needs.  Be kind as you can to family members and others you work with because the energies are there for miss-communications and needless battles that you want to avoid if possible.

You may notice that a lot of people are going to be on a hair-trigger this weekend, do you best to avoid being “trapped” in their stuff and make your own way.  View Death as a chance for change and gaining wisdom, the Prison card a chance to put aside bad thoughts and habits you wish to reign in and finally see the Warrior as you inner defender.  You can see on the card that he is ever watchful outside the camp, but while his sword is ready he is not yet about to strike.  Instead he is watch for threats, but relaxed and doing his job; that’s the best most of us can do with energies like this floating around.

Finally, remember, this isn’t just you it is the energies of the Day/Week having their effects a bit on everyone.

That’s you cards for today, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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