Well this weekend’s cards: Never, Friendship and Union do not bode well for news about the European Union/Euro an any other sort of treaty, alliance, international friendship-pack for that matter.  The energies of the past few weeks have been trending towards both possible wars and economic disasters of various sorts.  Most of the time the cards have flip-flopped back and forth across the two main themes, but today they have hints of both.

Of course Un-friendship and Never-Unions form the foundation stones of many human conflicts; treaty breaking goes as far back as human memory and most wars (even tribal conflicts) are started or a real (or perceived) lack of resources on the part of one side or the other.

The Never Card (the Raven) can also be a messenger card, as the Raven traditionally associated with go about the world bringing messages to the God Odin, who himself was thought oversee communications.  So, communications mix-ups and miss-translations may also tend to make an already iffy situation even worse; of course the raven also refers to “Quoth the Raven Never-More” which indicates that something will “never”happen or at least be delayed so long it will seem to “never” happen.

When paired with Friendship (complete with the hidden fourth person who may or may not be a true friend who is heading towards the table) and Union (usually the Lovers card in this deck) it suggests that a friendship/union is simply never to be (at least not in the form intended).  The most logical readings of these cards on a world-energy reading is bad news of the European Union/Euro over the weekend, which while easy to see without the use of cards, none-the-less suggests that this will be the most pressing issue this weekend.

I’d also look for more stories about other sorts of friendships/treaties being broken, dissolved, falling apart or just plain never getting off the ground. 

Meanwhile, for individuals, as usual the cards are not nearly so dire; we can look at the Never Card as a messenger instead and see this as “never is there a good union, without friendship as well.”  Which is one of the best recipes for a good marriage as I can think of, be friends with your spouse and long after the thrill of romance fades, your still likely to have a life partner at your side. 

This is a day to avoid signing contracts if you can, and study carefully if you have to; a good day to spend with friends and a loved one but be very careful of each others feelings.  Personal treaties are also at risk this weekend, the best way to keep that from happening is keeping a lid on volatile emotions and concentrate on the good things in life.  This is NOT the weekend for that “special talk” about everything you dislike in your partner, that’s always a difficult subject but this weekend it is playing with fire of the nuclear sort.  Instead, enjoy their company as you can and let the petty stuff roll off your back as the water on the card runs into the two streams. 

This is a weekend for letting water flow free in your life, not to over-complicate it by trying to change its course.

Over-all a good (if rather inward looking) weekend for individuals, but a continued cautious and rather scary one for the world (especially Europe).

Those are your cards for the weekend,

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