Card of the Day Thursday November 24, 2011

Today’s card is The Warrior, in a personal reading this is often the card of the man in a relationship or a strong, protective figure.  In the case of a world-energy reading, it is much more likely to be exactly what the card suggests a warrior or a symbol for possible wars/rumors of wars etc.  

The good news is that the Warrior is shown in his Defensive, rather than Offensive position, which means his best energy can be used by people/tribes/nations towards defense of the homeland/castle (as shown on the card) rather than the Offensive position shown on the Destruction Card.

While both have to occur in war, putting defense first puts the warrior in his role as prime protector instead of prime destroyer.  Given past card readings for the last couple of months, I have to say that this card suggests that the energies for all-out-war and/or the serious planning of wars is very, very strong today. 

Expect media stories about war, battles, strategy both modern and ancient to start cropping up in the press.  Be wary of propaganda pieces and learn to read between the lines.

My gut tells me this is a very tense time, full of all sorts of possible directions that many individuals could take.  The future does not feel fated yet, but it is starting to lock into place.  If certain choices are made now, a Great War is almost a certainty, if not right this instant, than within a short while.  The first flurries may be falling as light snow flakes while I’m writing, they could start to come down hard as hail, or continue to drift on the wind for a while yet.

But the closer I look at the cards of the last couple of months, the more the Western world looks to be marching towards the twin dangers of economic calamity (perhaps collapse) and a Great War that could result (or be directed by) those caught up in the economic madness (as they become desperate for a “solution” any “solution).

Meanwhile, as always, this card can be very good for individuals; this is a good time period to seek you own inner “warrior-strength” for spiritual, mental and even physical work.  Let your inner defender come out and guide your towards the protection of others, as well as the all important protection of yourself.

A good day for meditations on psychic warding, a good day for martial arts, a fantastic day for standing your ground in a difficult personal decision.

Another active day, the only passive element being that of being ready for action as needed (as opposed to action without thought). 

That’s your card of the day for today, tomorrow should be time for our weekend three card spread! 

For those in the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving day and enjoy all the foodies.

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