Card of the Day for Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

Well, the Tower (or Castle) Card today, shows that energies are shifting enough that different cards are starting to come forward, rather than simply repeats of the same ones over and over.  There really are 40 cards in the Psy Card Deck, the only reason we keep seeing the same 10 or so repeatedly is that we are reading for world-wide-energies for each day; and over-all they have not been changing all that much, other than the usual push-pull between active and passive energies.  

In any case, the Tower card is NOT the Tower of Destruction card, you find in most Tarot Decks.  That card (in this deck) is simply Destruction and while it has shown up very recently, it is not indicated in today’s one card reading.  Which does not mean it isn’t still active in the background, I think the Destruction of the Beauty theme is still very much alive and ongoing but it isn’t today’s primary energy either.

On to the Tower card itself, if I had been drawing this deck (nice trick since I can’t draw) I’d have called this the Castle Card, because that is what it is.  An old-fashioned, defensive castle on the top of a hill; it is not the latter style of comfortable but fortified palace or house – it is simply four towers and a keep.  It provides greater defense than the oldest style which was simply one “round tower,” this fortress has four of them, linked together with strong walls.  Inside the unseen courtyard may be a chapel and perhaps a dinning hall/living area, though the Lord’s family would have had their private quarters usually on top of the most secured tower, a place of retreat when the castle was under attack.

Castles were the supreme defensive art form of their day, and until the invention of the cannon (which could blow up the walls by sheer force of balls and gun powder) they were very seldom defeated from without.  The most common ways of “winning” a castle were the starvation method (sit outside for years with an army until those inside gave up or starved) or betrayal from the inside (this was the shortest method and the one most likely to work). 

This card is very similar, in its best aspects it represents a life built on a firm foundation, with strong secure walls and a defensible position (the rather phallic hill in this picture).  But, for individuals there can be a problem with building walls to well and too thick, if you look carefully at the card there is no door, gate or drawbridge for anyone to come out or in.  We can hope these are simply on the other side of the castle, but since we can’t seem them; we can’t be sure and this is part of the Tower’s mystery.

It can be very had to know if the walls a person (or even a nation) have built are so thick that they themselves become trapped within them, rather than simply having them for protection from real threats from the outside.  Those inside do well to remember the two ways that castle were traditionally lost: starvation when cut off from obtaining new supplies and/or betrayal from within their own borders….

The feeling I’m getting on this for a world-wide (or rather North-American/European) reading is very much like this.  First, I think this card is picking up the amazing over-the-top emphasizing of “security” that will be happening during the large US holiday (often the heaviest travel day of the year in the US). 

The card suggests that building giant walls against the “outside” may plugging up the usual free flow of information (the door and drawbridge) that the US really needs to be truly in touch with the rest of the world.  This may also make them blind to other (and more urgent dangers either outside or even inside their own castle walls). 

The Castle also suggests an attempt by an individual (or nation/nations) to be totally independent and “walled off” from others; a trend towards isolationism may be growing in the world and spreading fast.  I think this one will be particularly marked in the US but by no means restricted to it.  Again, a certain amount of self-protection is a good idea, but pulling up that drawbridge is not.

This energy echoes that of a few weeks ago, where concerns at home (or for one’s self) were starting to be seen as more important than the outside problems of the greater world.  On the one hand, it is true that you can only take care of others, if your own health and well-being are seen to first.  But, any nation (or block of nations) that tries to dwell on themselves alone, may find themselves left standing alone if the world situation shifts suddenly. 

But I’m getting a strong sense of “circling the wagons” with this card, with people/families/tribes/nations feeling the impulse to “hunker down” and “fortify” their homes/towns/nations etc; from “threats” both real and supposed.  But if they cut themselves off too far, if they pull up the draw bridge and board up the bottom windows, they miss the very threat they are trying to avoid and it will hit them when they least see it coming.

Wow, that’s the message I’m getting from today’s card, like yesterday’s card, I don’t think it is a one-off, one-day energy but rather a new undercurrent that has been creeping up from the well of wyrd for a while now, and whose bucket is finally spilling over to start flooding the landscape. 

For individuals, this can be a very good card, using the brighter sides of everything previously discussed here.  Today is a great day for concentrating on building defenses (mental, spiritual and physical), taking stock of your life situation (and taking steps to maintain or improve it); a good day for construction, looking at property and working around the home.  It is one of the few cards that is both active and passive at the same time; the active part being outward defense, and the passive being inward focused towards the inner-life and the personal space/home.

It will be interesting to see where the energies take us tomorrow, because again we seem to be seeing some new trends peeking out from the older ones, giving a few hints towards the most likely course setting in for the New Year.

That’s your card of the Day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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