Card of the Day Tuesday Novemember 22, 2011

Today’s card is the Fool and in this deck he is very similar to the Fool in the standard Tarot.  He represents both New Beginnings and Walking Off a Cliff and I sense a bit of both in today’s reading.

I’m getting a gut feeling that on a world or at last North American/European level there may be a plan afoot to try to “start things over” in someway, especially in regards to the Euro “experiment,” look for stories about “fresh ideas” on how to “re-start” the process; possible after one or more countries are allowed to “default” (though they may call it something else). 

I suspect there will be a push/pull from both those who wish a “New Federal Union” and those who want to just end it all and “Start Over” with a new plan.

My other feeling is that both sides in this (and North America too) are walking right off the cliff edge or smack into the tree truck.  They are so busy listening to their own music and ideas that they are playing (the young man with the flute) that their eyes are closed to other dangers about to befall them.

I’m not sure what those exact dangers are, Earth/Geological events might be suggested by this card (and I’m feeling a strong pull towards some of that, though not necessarily in the next 24 hours).  Also, the previous card readings have hinted very strongly about both a planned war and of things being planned that get out of control.  While I had thought the out-of-control was mostly about currencies, it could also be about other issues that The Fool(s) think they are running, but may actually end up running them. 

So, look for stories about the “New” solutions (some of them so obviously silly that even a “Fool” can see it), earth events (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, fires, etc., but especially geological stuff) and hints that the war drums are heating up (or going off in an unexpected direction).  The hand of The Stranger Card who showed up last week (and the Fourth Friend on the Friendship Card) may be seriously involved in this last one.  Someone is pulling strings somewhere, and it isn’t the Fool(s) who think they are pulling them.

Again, this last issue will not be resolved in the next 24 hours; but is part of a very strong and current energy pattern to keep watching. 

For individuals, this can be a fantastic card; a good day to start new project, experience music, take a trip and basically “take on the world.” 

Just be sure to keep you eyes open (which we can choose to do) because the energy of the day is going to push for action over reflection and reflection of action just isn’t the Fool’s Style.  He rather be doing than thinking, so today is a very high “action day,” but we can choose to do a little thinking along with our playfulness; encouraging both laughter and safety.

Many decks (but not this one) have a small dog about to go on the Fool’s Journey with him, and this is a good day to spend time with pets and animal companions too.  They are the ultimate “Wise Fools” in that they deal in the “Now” in a way that adult humans rarely do.  It is a good skill to re-learn as long as it is done in the right time and place; playing fetch with your dog or reading a book with your kitty are good places to just “be” for a while.

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