Card of the Day Monday November 21, 2011

Well, today’s card is once again The Beauty, but since we have had such interesting issues around The Beauty card lately (including indications of “false” beauty) I decided a couple of qualifying cards would be a good idea.

The first qualifier card Destruction, simply fell out of the deck and the Now card after shuffling for a third time. 

What this spread tells us is that Whatever the Beauty actually is (and we’ve speculated over the last couple of weeks that it could be the Euro Experiment and/or the World/Western Economic Crises among other things) it will soon be destroyed and that process is ongoing.

At the very least, it likely means that something/someone considered (or made-to-look) beautiful is about to meet its demise.  Since the cards provide energies for likely events, rather than facts; they often manifest on more than one level.  Hence stories about fallen (or falling) celebrities; buildings, paintings, fashions, etc may all be in the news over the next couple of days. 

But my guess is that something very big is about to come down (or start coming down) as the cards are pretty clear on this one.  Unless this is a radical change off in another direction, what is destroyed is likely to be partly of an economic nature.  It could even be a very famous (or “beautiful”) company that goes under; the energies could also affect sports (which I don’t follow much) in its context of “The Beautiful Game.”

Also, given the past cards, there is a strong pull towards “that which appeared to be beautiful/proud/untouchable etc” may be at risk here.  One has to wonder if “to big to fail,” may about to become “to hard to hold up” instead?

We shall see, the cards are become darker and more urgent over the last couple of weeks, which usually means that energy is headed towards a crises or tipping point of some-sort.  We haven’t really gotten much of a break since I started doing these readings in August, except for strong push-pull of holding/blocking/no energies vs. rush/wheel/go/now type of energies.  Even when the calmer cards have shown up, they have tended to be either as pauses before more movement or as attempts at blocking, rather than true rest or relaxation.

Crises can not go on forever, but they can simmer for quite a while and I think that is what this one is doing.  Because it has been in the interests of so many forces to drag it out, it is being dragged out; but perhaps the cards are indicating that the rubber band is still poised to snap or is already snapping.  That was pretty much the message of the weekend’s cards and it continues on through today and into the week.

With the Destruction card, we know what something/someone is likely to actually be destroyed rather than just re-organized (or if reorganized it will be so drastic as to consider the original “Beautiful person/thing/company/nation” to be destroyed.  The Now Card suggests an ongoing event in progress; not something several weeks or months in the future.

So, looks like it may be a very interesting week as the moving energy seems to be trampling over the blocking energies of late last week.  The started to move around Friday and obvious is continuing for now and possibly picking up speed.

For individuals, best to go with the flow and concentrate on what you personally can control and simply make notes of what you can’t.  Energy is moving quickly and want to flow with it, rather than getting run over.  Realize there is energy out there both for beautiful things to happen but for destruction as well.  Use both energies to your advantage, highlight that which is beautiful in your life and encourage it; work on destroying things you wish to banish from you life (like bad habits etc).  Now may actually be a better time for resolutions than New Years Eve; just be patient when doing so; start slowly so as not to get burned when the fires of the destruction card get going.  Instead, be patient and the harvest of the Now card is likely to fill your personal grain mills instead.

That’s  your cards for today, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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