Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 18-20

This weekend’s cards are: The Sage, Liberation and Money and taken together these cards could signal a breathing spell in the world economic situation.  One where Wisdom (The Sage) is used to set free (Liberate) the currencies (Money) and let them settle as they will.

While the energy is there for wiser heads to prevail (and I give this about a ten percent chance, but is it is a chance) I am more inclined to see this as a message to the Wise Person (The Sage) to be aware that this week/weekend, what has been held in check will be let loose (Liberated) and Money (or currency/economies etc) will be the object of that release.

The would be a “good” time for massive currency fluctuations, stories about economic records breaking (again especially around currencies but also including stock markets, inflation/deflation rates, etc., etc. 

Not only is the “Wise Person” aware of what is about to happen and able to take steps to protect themselves, I think there is also a bit of “no matter how much wisdom those in control think they have, it won’t be enough to stop this massive break-out once it starts.”

Since the Money card also represents wealth in its more traditional forms of crops, labor and commodities (the farmer plows his land in hopes of a good harvest); these may also be affected by this break out.  Wild swings in the prices and availability of accustomed foods and other supplies “wealth” are likely, look for stories about cargo ships and ports this week as I think they may be among the first seriously affected. 

Once again, a “good” week for stock market crashes, currencies in free-fall and headlines dominated by economic stories.  I can almost see a rubber band that pulled to long finally let’s go with a “bang” and not only creates a whipping sound that no-one can ignore but also snaps and injures the very hand that held it back for too long. 

My guess is that the previous days “No” Cards, were partly about massive energy being put forward to try to stop the rubber band from snapping.  “Wise” Men, sitting at their books (and computer screens) working feverishly to try to prevent what past actions and choices had already set into an unstoppable motion.

Do look for them to keep trying, I suspect some rather crazy energy swings this week.  I noted that one talk show host called Friday’s Stock Market a “Sea-Saw” which pretty much matched what I had been picking up; but not just related to the stock-market alone (which is largely a gambling house these days anyway).  I think the push-pull of “No/Stop” energy vs. “Liberation/break-out” energy is going to create amazing amounts of tension for the coming time period (a week at least maybe as much as several months). 

My gut also tells me that powerful forces will try to distract the public from this story, but it is likely to come so quickly and with such a rush that such tactics are unlikely to have much effect.  The “Wise” will see right through them and “liberate” their own thinking; some will even Liberate their Money directly and place it in the First Bank of Mattress and Coffee Can (or at least their local credit union)

Just remember not to “out-wise/out-smart” yourself like the person in the Dark Ages that buried their coins in the Earth (pictured on the card) meaning to come back and use their treasure.  They dug down a bit two far and either died before they could retrieve it or forgot exactly where they put it. 

The Lesson Here: treasure buried too deeply and too well is like to become lost and useless.  Be wise, but not so cautious that you try to hide from everything, including yourself. 

Finally, for individuals during this time period: Be Wise, Be Aware and Be Careful with YOUR MONEY/FINANCE/HOUSEHOLD CHOICES. 

The energy is there for GOOD CHOICES as well as BAD ONES, some things you just won’t be able to do anything about, so best to be ready just to ride them out. Other changes, a Wise Man/Person will spot a mile off and can be ready for them.

Note that The Sage, both looks to the wisdom of the past (his books) and puts forward his own wisdom for the future (writing in the book on his desk).  Look to history, but also to making history to get through times like these; do  your best to ensure your personal history is well grounded and taken care of. 

Meanwhile, pay attention to the news but also take time to enjoy the sense of Freedom that Liberation energy can bring. 

If focused correctly, you may find things moving more smoothly than they have for the last few days, just be cautious in making large monetary commitments unless you have to. 

A really good weekend for reading, study and even riding free with friends (bikes/horses/cars etc) and remember there are many kinds of wealth, starting with the ties of family and friends. 

Those were your cards of the day remember you can get your cards for today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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